Tales of the Easter Bunny

Even though it’s only been a week and a half, it It seems like I haven’t blogged in so long that I’ve nearly forgotten how!  But what a busy time its been…let’s see…KT got her license, we celebrated a birthday an anniversary, St Patrick’s Day and of course,  Easter.  Whew!

So…where to begin? Um…oh…I know, let’s talk about Easter.  The holiday at the end of the week that snuck up on the Easter Bunny.  Did you know that if you go to the store the night before Easter you will find nothing but wiped out shelves and hoards of desperate parents? Yeah, I didn’t know that either…but now I do.  So, I had to get a bit creative.

easterchocobunnies 012 

Like our chocolate bunnies? They remind me of a Halloween costume my mom made me when I was just a wee girl.  They brought back fun memories, so we had matching “baskets”. easterbaskets

(Yes, I know they are cheesy, but they make me giggle!) 

One thing that the stores had plenty of were those little plastic eggs.  Growing up, we only had real eggs.  We would decorate them and Easter Bunny would hide them for us.  So, of course that’s what we did when I had kids of my own.  This worked great until that first year we had dogs.  Apparently dogs like searching for eggs even more than kids do!

This year, KT didn’t want to search for eggs. She said she was “too grown up because she could drive now”.  Then she went on to complain that they knew where all the hiding spots were so it wasn’t any fun.  Hmmm….that girl should know better than to challenge the Easter Bunny…they still haven’t found them all!

We didn’t decorate eggs because our resident vegan was opposed to using unborn chickens in that manner…and besides the rest of us didn’t really want to do it.  Well, except for Mimi.  She needed to keep her traditions.   So, being the inspired mother that I am, I came up with the idea of decorating egg-shaped vegan sugar cookies.  After careful consideration of the taste of a hard-boiled egg against that of  a cookie, Mimi decided that would be alright.  Only she ended up getting sick and not wanting to decorate anything.  Poor Mimi….

All in all, it was a very quiet Easter.  We spent the day all by ourselves (which makes Shaun very happy and me very sad) just hanging out together. (which is always a good thing).

I think we are all special occasioned out now!

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