There's a party going on!

Welcome to all you party animals!

blogparty The gals at 5 minutes for Mom are once again throwing the Ultimate Blog Party! I had so much fun last year that I had to come again this year.

I have to admit that I was a little caught off guard this year though.  (You ever have guests show up at your house unexpectedly when you were wearing your grungy old sweats and the house was a huge mess? No? Um…well, um…me either….)

I’m going to go put on a pot of coffee (You do drink coffee don’t you? This is Seattle, it’s kinda like a rule that you inhale the stuff! I think I’ve got some herbal tea around here somewhere…) While I do that, go ahead and click on some of the tabs at the top of the blog.  The “about us” will tell you all about our family of four.  (Anyone else have teens? And they always talk about the Terrible Twos…huh! Those were a cakewalk!).  The “Why I blog” tab will tell you all why I do this crazy thing called blogging.  

Feel free to snoop around the place, there’s no secrets around here!  Just be careful where you walk so that you don’t step on a cat….goodness knows we have enough critters around here.

Wait! Where are you going? Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you’re so allergic to dogs.  I hope you’ll be back soon! 

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