It's Uncle Ricky!

My baby brother has always been a bit of a goof.  (Ohhhh the stories I could tell!) One of his strange quirks is to call and pretend he is somebody else.  We always know that if a strongly accented cowboy or a little old lady or an Asian delivery guy or…well whoever it would just be Uncle Ricky.   The funniest part about this odd habit, is that Ricky is always puzzled that we can so quickly figure out that it is really him calling.

Yesterday the phone rang and Mimi answered it.  She listened for a moment then  joyfully shouted out “Uncle Ricky!”.  I just had to smile when she started arguing with him about who he really was as he’s never willing to admit that he’s been busted. 

Mimi finally handed the phone over to me and I said hello to my brother.  Only…there was no way that my baby brother could ever produce the  deep, gravely voice that was on the other end of the line!

It turned out that Mimi had been speaking to the  step-dad of the girl that had come home from school with her.  He had called to introduce himself to me and making sure S had arrived safely.  Thankfully he had a great sense of humor and just laughed when I apologized and tried to explain my child’s strange phone manners.

A couple hours later when the dogs announced that someone was walking up to our door, the girls glanced out the window and saw that S’s step-dad had arrived to take her home.  Mimi ran towards the door to greet him as she felt she needed to apologize.  She opened the door and before she could say a word, he said “You must be Mimi, I’m Uncle Ricky!”

I think I really like that guy…

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