A Cat of a Different Color

“Don’t you think Buddy looks exactly like Morris?”  my husband asked me as he sat stroking our enormous purring  orange fur ball.

“Huh?” Was my response.  (I’m verbose like that)

“You remember…Morris the Cat?”

Of course I remembered Morris the Cat.  The World’s Most Finicky Cat seemed to have a bit of an impact on my generation.  (For anyone that happens to be young enough that you don’t remember…there’s always YouTube) Yet, I couldn’t see any resemblance (other than the fact that they are both cats) between our sweet Buddy and grumpy ol’ Morris.  I had to come up with a gentle way to tell My Beloved that he was off his rocker.

So I bluntly told Shaun that he was nuts and that those two cats  looked nothing alike.  Buddy was much more handsome and besides, they weren’t even the same color, Morris was a gray cat!

Morris_the_Cat bw

Shaun looked at me in bewilderment.  He was just as convinced that Morris was an orange tabby as I was that he was gray. We stared at each other in consternation over how our memories of this cultural icon could be so completely different. 

Suddenly Shaun had a flash of inspiration…”You had a black and white television!” he shouted out triumphantly.  That certainly explained things for us.

It’s nice when we  can both be right…


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