A Cat of a Different Color

“Don’t you think Buddy looks exactly like Morris?”  my husband asked me as he sat stroking our enormous purring  orange fur ball.

“Huh?” Was my response.  (I’m verbose like that)

“You remember…Morris the Cat?”

Of course I remembered Morris the Cat.  The World’s Most Finicky Cat seemed to have a bit of an impact on my generation.  (For anyone that happens to be young enough that you don’t remember…there’s always YouTube) Yet, I couldn’t see any resemblance (other than the fact that they are both cats) between our sweet Buddy and grumpy ol’ Morris.  I had to come up with a gentle way to tell My Beloved that he was off his rocker.

So I bluntly told Shaun that he was nuts and that those two cats  looked nothing alike.  Buddy was much more handsome and besides, they weren’t even the same color, Morris was a gray cat!

Morris_the_Cat bw

Shaun looked at me in bewilderment.  He was just as convinced that Morris was an orange tabby as I was that he was gray. We stared at each other in consternation over how our memories of this cultural icon could be so completely different. 

Suddenly Shaun had a flash of inspiration…”You had a black and white television!” he shouted out triumphantly.  That certainly explained things for us.

It’s nice when we  can both be right…


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33 Responses to A Cat of a Different Color

  1. Peggy says:

    I had forgotten all about Morris! They always picked a beautiful cat (gray or ginger) to film. Is he still doing cat food ads?

  2. Renate says:

    So how about posting a picture of Buddy?

  3. Jay says:

    Morris was pretty cool.

  4. andy says:

    That’s too funny! It begs the question.. do they even make black and white tvs anymore?

  5. Jodi says:

    That is VERY funny!
    Your blog is really great!
    Thanks for stopping by mine!

  6. Beth A. says:

    That gave me a wonderful laugh of recognition. I grew up with a black and white tv set and it was years before I knew the real color of some tv characters.

  7. Hilary says:

    That’s hilarious!

    Morris goes back such a long way. When he first started out he promoted 8Lives. 😉

  8. My first thought as I was reading this–but Morris was orange!

  9. Cali says:

    Ha! Wasn’t this the start of the meow, meow song? Or am I getting my cat culture of the 80’s mixed up?


  10. Cali says:

    oops! my old defunct blog url was all hooked up to that last comment.

  11. Seriously? says:

    As I was reading your post I remembered an orange cat. When you said grey, I thought oh no, not something else I remember wrong (I do that a lot)! Isn’t it nice that both of you are right?

    Now that you know Morris is orange, do you still think they look nothing alike? I love cats. I can’t have one because I am allergic, but I love them. 🙂

  12. Tink says:

    Ahahahaha! Duh. 😉

  13. Jenster says:

    THAT’S FUNNY! I had an orange tabby when I was growing up and I called her Morris, even though her name was Goldie. (I had nothing to do with naming her such an uninspiring name.)

  14. Lynne says:

    doh! (slapping forehead at same time)

  15. K says:

    That is too funny. Cute cat.

  16. Dorky Dad says:

    Dang black and white televisions, always causing problems. I thought for the longest time that the old days had no color …

  17. Cheryl says:

    I was expecting a side by side of your Buddy and Morris, the cat. You can’t say Morris with out saying ‘the cat’. It was like when my daughter was little and asked about her birth date. It was always October 5th in the fall, not October 5th.

    Happy Thursday Susan!

  18. Swampy says:

    A-hhhh…Choo !
    And wasn’t it a “horse of a different color?”
    Are you saying Morris was a Horris?
    Good gosh, I need to go get my coffee.

  19. Ann says:

    HA!!!! I did the same thing while reading….wasn’t Morris orange? Or am I losing my mind. I’m probably losing my mind…

  20. What a hilarious story. I thought you were going to say this was how you discovered one of you was color blind. I like your version even better.

  21. Kymberli says:

    Here from NaComLeavMo!

    This was hilarious! Those Morris commercials for some reason were always favorites of mine when I was a kid.

  22. Linda says:

    OMG that is funny! Yay for you both being right though!

  23. Kari says:

    You’re killing me. You’re absolutely killing me. Morris grey???? Gosh I hate to say it, but thank goodness Shaun is there to help you through life’s little issues. lololol

  24. Becki says:

    Hahahaaha…too funny!!

    Found you through NaCoLeavMo

  25. Jac says:

    Love it! That’s hilarious! It’s good when in the end you are both right… makes you laugh about it! =)

    Happy Friday!

  26. Eliza says:

    Here via NCLM–this was HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh, I really needed one today 🙂

  27. Jill says:

    Here from NaComLeavMo.

    I had just taken a swig of water when I read the end of your blog and had to fight not to spit it out all over my computer! That’s too funny! thanks for the laugh

  28. Marla says:

    I had to come tell you that I’m still laughing about this 🙂

  29. Katt says:

    That is just too funny!

    Here from NCLM…

  30. Karina says:

    HA! I love it! Of course that makes sense! 😉

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