Milking It

When Shaun and I got married about a zillion years ago, we made certain vows to each other.  One of those vows was to nurture and wait on each other hand and foot in case of sickness. (At least I’m pretty sure that’s  how they went…those vows were made sooo long ago) 

For the most part, we are very good about taking care of each other when one of us is sick.  We only run into trouble on those rare occasions when we are both under the weather at the same time.  That’s when things can get a little dicey. 

I imagine that normal couples would work together to help each other through nasty colds.  Obviously we aren’t a normal couple as we seem to have it in our minds that only the sickliest and most pathetic person deserves any sort of sympathy. 

When I mentioned to Shaun that my throat was getting sore and scratchy earlier this week, he looked at me in horror.   It turned out that his throat had been feeling sore and scratchy too…only I mentioned it first so I got the sympathy points. 

We took turns moaning, groaning and exaggerating our symptoms  (Well, Shaun exaggerated…mine were all real) in hopes of winning that elusive sympathy reserved only for the truly ill in our home.  My sweet girls decided that I was that one that needed to be taken care of the most.  (All those years of taking care of them were finally paying off!) After a day or two  about an hour of devoted attention, I caught my children rolling their eyes at yet another one of my their father’s pathetic sickbed requests.  It wasn’t too long before they quietly disappeared and wouldn’t come back…no matter how hard we rang that little crystal bell.

It took us all week, but Shaun and I have finally managed to regain our health.  The better we felt, the more our competitive spirit faded away and we are once again speaking to each other without inserting a few fake coughs. 

Only I still have the sniffles, so I win…


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19 Responses to Milking It

  1. I can’t believe you tried to compete with a man-cold!

  2. DC says:

    I’m glad you are feeling better. Men are such babies when they’re sick (at least my husband is). I’ve actually told him, on more than one occasion, to “suck it up.” Does that make me a horrible wife??

    Thank you very much for commenting on my blog. And, yes, I am totally hooked. I think I participated in blogging-related activities for about 14 hours yesterday. (No, sadly, I am not exaggerating.) 🙂

    Hope we can keep in touch. I’ll be checking in with you.

  3. Jay says:

    Having a cold sucks. My allergies are killing me right now. Spring is peaking here and the pollen is out of control!

  4. Cassie says:

    My husband and I are the same way. Luckily we haven’t been sick at the same time yet. Well, except for when he had his wisdom teeth out at the same time that I was having intense morning sickness, but he was so drugged up then that he couldn’t wait on me hand and foot anyway! haha.

  5. tommie says:

    Summer colds are the worst. I am so glad you are feeling better. I am totally laughing ar Jenn with the “man-cold”…! LOL

  6. Mme. Meow says:

    Here through NaComLeavMo– hope you feel better. And I agree: men are wusses.

  7. Jocelyn says:

    I’m glad you remained entrenched in your right to equal sickness. Really, do think there’s a bit of gender programming that makes women want to pretend to feel better than they do.

    Take it laying down, woman!

  8. You are a riot! Thanks for sharing and giving me that great laugh. You voiced it perfectly!

  9. Cazzie says:

    Blahahaha, so you DO get the last..cough hey, good for you! Glad you are better .. both of you!

  10. Susan says:

    Jenn~But I won! (kinda…)

    DC~14 hours??? Girl, you’ve got it bad! LOL

    Jay~I’m so glad I don’t have allergies. Shaun does, but I think he only started that to get out of mowing the lawn…

    Cassie~That’s because you haven’t been married a zillion years yet!

    Tommie~Isn’t Jenn a hoot??

    Mme Meow~Thanks!

    Jocelyn~Yep, we gotta lay down for our rights to be sick! 😉

    Leeann~I do my best…

    Cazzie~cough, cough!

  11. shawna says:

    I try not to compete with my dh but every time I mention any kind of pain, he tries to one up me. It drives me nuts. I finally got to the point that if I say something like, “my allergies are so bad right now.” he will say “mine are terrible, I can’t breath, there’s a strange color on my tongue, will you look at my throat, is the thermometer around…” my reply has become, “hold on, let me get my mansy (man + pansy) doctor kit and we can try to pull you back from the edge.”

    He really hates it when I do that. :o)

  12. Pamela says:

    fortunately the hubby and I do not share the same weakness. I can weather a cold like an iron man. He gets very sick

    I can’t handle the pukes. He bucks up.

  13. C says:

    Thanks for the NaComLeavMo comment on my blog! We are ‘burbs people by financial necessity, but Seattleites by spirit. 🙂 We must be about 15-20 minutes south of where you are.

  14. *laugh* My husband currently has a cold. Although, he’s been really good and hasn’t whined too much. 😀 He even helped me with the backyard today (but was on the couch all day yesterday). I should mention – my 9 year old had this cold this week and still did all her normal stuff – including softball and baton twirling without complaining AT ALL.

  15. Becky says:

    Okay, so no doubt, I will be back here. You’re funny. And you know what? It sounds like we have the same experience whenever The Daver and I get sick.

    I never seem to get the sympathy points, though.

  16. staciet says:

    Wow, I have to hand it to you for trying to win the battle of who is the sickest with a man. You’d think the world was ending every time my husband gets a hang nail–I can’t even begin to describe him when he is sick. Let’s just say it isn’t pretty.

    I am glad you are feeling better and hope that your sniffles clear up soon (of course only after your husband has been sufficiently humbled by how sick you really were)!

  17. Maritza says:

    Sounds freakishly familiar…

    ONE time however dear husband actually WAS as sick as he “pretended” to be, but I told him to stop exaggerating…I fell ill with the same virus the next week and felt like I came close to death…I did not hear the end of it…luckily I fell ill AFTER him, so he knew exactly what I was going through…and I received the royal treatment!

  18. Rachel says:

    Visiting from NCLM:

    I hate getting sick, but I hate my husband getting sick more. Thankfully we rarely get sick. Feel better soon.

  19. Andie says:

    Visiting from NCLM – what a great blog – I love the set up and your sense of humour! I hope you feel better soon. You’ll need energy to keep up with the rest of your family. And I would definitely go for a home-made bran muffin before going for most pastries – unless they are made like my grandma used to make them. Then, all bets are off!

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