Pay It Forward

pay_it_4ward When I met up with Carol the other day, she had a special gift for me.  I had been one of the “winners” of her Pay It  Forward post from about a thousand years ago and she thought it was time to award me my wonderful gift. 

I’d love to be able to say that I’m one of those people that is always winning something.  Sadly, I’m not…  I’m one of those people that wins something wonderful every once in a while.  (And by something wonderful, I do not mean  A Major Award.)

In this instance, I won two beautiful sets of handmade earrings.  Thanks Carol!

 time and earrings 018 time and earrings 019

 (These photos don’t even begin to do them justice)

Now if you aren’t aware of the Pay it Forward blog movement, it’s a fun little meme that instead of answering some questions, you give three lucky recipients some sort of gift.

So here are the official “rules” of this meme (Of course there are rules…why would you doubt that?)

If you’d like to participate, leave me a comment. I will pick 3 commenters and send them….um….something.  It won’t be earrings and it won’t be a Major Award (unless, of course, Jay wins because he would probably like a Major Award!)  It might even be store bought… (I’m posting the rules,  I can make them up as I go along.  So there!) If I know you well enough, I’ll try to pick something based on what I know about you.

You do need to be willing to send me your have to send me your “snail mail” address. (BWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) Then, you’ll need to make a similar post on your own blog, offering to pay it forward to 3 more bloggers who comment on your site. (You don’t have to do this until you receive the scary charming gift that I am sending to you)

On the other hand, if you decide to leave a comment, gushing about Carol’s beautiful workmanship, but you do not want to play, please tell me so in your comment.

I’ll give you until…oh Monday at midnight? Then I will pick three random numbers and see who wins!

Good luck!

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