Breakfast with Shaun

Shaun woke me up bright and early this weekend and asked me if I was ready to go.  (Hello? Sound asleep and no coffee?) I realized that I was dreaming and rolled over to go back to sleep.  Yet the persistent voice that was my husband wouldn’t stop until I climbed out of bed snarling.  (I don’t make a very good morning person)

Somehow I found myself dressed and in his Jeep clutching my coffee cup and being driven down the road before it occurred to me to wonder where the heck it was that we were going.  When I asked him,  Shaun casually replied that we were going out to breakfast, just as though we do this every weekend.

Now it’s true that we frequently talk about going out to breakfast on the weekends, but we very seldom follow through on that.  It’s kinda hard to wake up early when our entire family reverts to the life of night owls in the summer months.  (OK, Shaun is always a night owl, but I revert back to my natural state when school is out.)

Lulled by a pleasant drive and a wonderful meal at one of my favorite little restaurants,  I lazily agreed when my Beloved asked if I wanted to go for a little ride. 

My first inkling that I had made a grave mistake was when we came across a small glacier.  (Technically it was just snowpack that hadn’t quite melted yet…at the end of June, in the middle of a heat wave…but let’s not bother with those minor details)sultan glacier

Although, there was a lot of melting ice going on.  And all that icy water has to go somewhere.  In this case, it all flowed into a treacherous waterfall.

sultan waterfall

Then of course there was that fallen tree blocking the road.  A normal person would know that nature was telling him to turn back…but not my Shaun.  He simply drove right over that pesky tree.

sultan tree w jeep

The trees made another attempt at turning Shaun back from the road.   They attacked the Jeep! It was a struggle, but we managed to prevail.

sultan tree branches

Finally, we managed to reach the lake which was our ultimate goal.  It felt so good to soak my tootsies in the icy cool water.  (Boy do I need a pedicure!)

sultan toes

Then I realized that I was soaking my feet alone.  Shaun was impatiently waiting for me to get back in the Jeep so we could head out for more adventures. 

sultan jeep

He’s already talking about getting up early and going out for Breakfast again next weekend.  Sigh…

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