Breakfast with Shaun

Shaun woke me up bright and early this weekend and asked me if I was ready to go.  (Hello? Sound asleep and no coffee?) I realized that I was dreaming and rolled over to go back to sleep.  Yet the persistent voice that was my husband wouldn’t stop until I climbed out of bed snarling.  (I don’t make a very good morning person)

Somehow I found myself dressed and in his Jeep clutching my coffee cup and being driven down the road before it occurred to me to wonder where the heck it was that we were going.  When I asked him,  Shaun casually replied that we were going out to breakfast, just as though we do this every weekend.

Now it’s true that we frequently talk about going out to breakfast on the weekends, but we very seldom follow through on that.  It’s kinda hard to wake up early when our entire family reverts to the life of night owls in the summer months.  (OK, Shaun is always a night owl, but I revert back to my natural state when school is out.)

Lulled by a pleasant drive and a wonderful meal at one of my favorite little restaurants,  I lazily agreed when my Beloved asked if I wanted to go for a little ride. 

My first inkling that I had made a grave mistake was when we came across a small glacier.  (Technically it was just snowpack that hadn’t quite melted yet…at the end of June, in the middle of a heat wave…but let’s not bother with those minor details)sultan glacier

Although, there was a lot of melting ice going on.  And all that icy water has to go somewhere.  In this case, it all flowed into a treacherous waterfall.

sultan waterfall

Then of course there was that fallen tree blocking the road.  A normal person would know that nature was telling him to turn back…but not my Shaun.  He simply drove right over that pesky tree.

sultan tree w jeep

The trees made another attempt at turning Shaun back from the road.   They attacked the Jeep! It was a struggle, but we managed to prevail.

sultan tree branches

Finally, we managed to reach the lake which was our ultimate goal.  It felt so good to soak my tootsies in the icy cool water.  (Boy do I need a pedicure!)

sultan toes

Then I realized that I was soaking my feet alone.  Shaun was impatiently waiting for me to get back in the Jeep so we could head out for more adventures. 

sultan jeep

He’s already talking about getting up early and going out for Breakfast again next weekend.  Sigh…

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29 Responses to Breakfast with Shaun

  1. bcjenster says:

    Sounds like a wonderful breakfast! Once the coffee kicked in, anyway. :o)

  2. What adventurers you are–at least you use the Jeep for its intendend purpose–I can’t stand the people who buy them and never, ever get them dirty.

  3. I love the spirit of adventure in your tale. But did you get to eat? (I’m on a new diet. I’m all about the food.)

  4. Jay says:

    How is it that I’ve never heard of Hmmm

    Anyway, fun adventures on the weekend! There’s still snow on the ground in some places? That’s crazy!

  5. sheasy says:

    What a great day trip! Love the squishy toe action.

  6. tommie says:

    sounds like an adventure!

    We used to go out to breakfast. Then we had two kids in two years….and well toddlers and breakfast don’t add up in my book.

  7. Hilary says:

    I can’t get past the snow..

  8. anymommy says:

    What a great thing to do. My husband and I love it when we get a morning to ourselves.

    I want to let you know that you are the next stop for the Lonely Blogosphere and the traveling bloggers of all mediocre. The post should publish at midnight tonight. I had a ton of fun poking all around your blog the last couple of days. Your girls are gorgeous – the huge spiders, I could do without!

  9. Susan says:

    Jen~gotta have that coffee…

    Jenn~would this be a bad time to confess that MY jeep still hasn’t been sullied yet?

    Ruth~Of course we did!

    Jay~I just stumbled upon that link…I had goggled the place.

    sheasy~Yeah…I was hoping for some mud to squish into!


    Tommie~If you wait long enough they’ll be teens and not have time to come with you very often… 🙁

    Hilary~there wasn’t too many patches, but that particular one came up about mid-thigh. It was nice on such a hot day.

    anymommmy~Wow! Thank you.

  10. Z says:

    Hi! Came over from the AllMediocre Travel Guide, and stepped right into this lovely little travel adventure 🙂

    And I must say, I’m jealous. Despite the being dragged out of bed part, that sounds like a pretty great day/adventure! Love the toes in the lake pic, makes me reallllllly want to find a lake of my own to dip into…

  11. Cazzie says:

    Loving those images, loving that feet soak image too, and guess what..I hate feet, lol, but it looked so relaxing 🙂

  12. Kristin H. says:

    I found your site via All Mediocre 🙂 Your breakfast date sounds like heaven. And you have a wonderful blog.

  13. amanda says:

    looks like it was worth getting up for, but that still probably wouldn’t have gotten me out of bed. 😉

  14. Lynne says:

    Never a dull moment with that husband of yours!

  15. Amanda D says:

    It sounds like so much fun! I am not a morning person either but if hubby ever wanted me to rise early for breakfast out, I would do it in a heartbeat!

  16. Daryl says:

    Around here going out for breakfast is a lot less fun … and a lot less photogenic … you have small feet!

    David sent me!

  17. Maura says:

    Looks like fun! Where do I go to get my AllMediocre passport stamped around here? 🙂

  18. SabineM says:

    weird weather all over the world… Just got back from Switz and we had snow while I was there in beginning of June, then it turned on the 17th and it was hot and humid and unbearable!
    Lovely photos, what a great reason to get up early!

  19. Mrs. G. says:

    I’m glad to see YOU are having fun with that Jeep.

  20. have orange jeep, will travel! 🙂

  21. Jennifer H says:

    I would absolutely get up early for that! We have a Jeep, and there’s a 27 mile dirt road nearby that I’m dying to drive (goes through the mountains).

    I love that he drove over the tree.

  22. patty says:

    Just wanted to say HI and ”WHAT cute feet(:)~!!! hugs Patty

  23. Brunette says:

    Awesome drive! Yes, I have had those drives – your butt gets so numb from sitting and tumbling over rocks and dirt.

  24. Jocelyn says:

    Driving over the tree? Shaun is my kind of guy.

    And if you need a pedicure, I need my toes sawed off completely.

  25. Quart says:

    I just clicked over from All Mediocre and I’d been cursing DC heat until I saw that snow! Your scenery is much nicer than ours, though – including your toes.

  26. Wendy says:

    Even with all the strange weather that’s going on (and it’s everywhere!), it looks really beautiful where you live. I am too jealous for words. 🙂

  27. patty says:

    Hi Susan
    Breakfast out Lucky gal~~
    Oh that is so fun glad you got a hot meal before you were tramatized(:) LOL………hugs Patty

  28. Susan Drysdale says:

    Just wanted to say “Hi” and thank you for visiting! What a breakfast out you had!
    Hugs, Susan

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