Eat Your Fork!

Over the weekend, Shaun and I stopped in our local grocery store to pick up some items for an impromptu picnic.  (Aww…how romantic!) On our way out the door, I stopped to get some plastic forks.  As I grabbed them from the container, I couldn’t help but notice that they felt a bit…odd.

So naturally, I had to take a closer look at them and read the small notice that was posted next to them.   I found that Whole Foods had switched to biodegradable flatware made from potatoes a couple months ago.   Completely charmed, I grabbed a couple more forks to show the girls.  (Yes, I’m a dork that way).

forks             Awesome photo borrowed from drp

As I made my children lunches for school, I lovingly tucked one of the forks in.  (I had to make them salads so that they would have a reason to actually use their fork).  I explained to them that they were made of potatoes and were meant to be put into the compost pile when they were done using them.  (Not that either of their schools has a compost system, but if they did…)

KT just rolled her eyes at my enthusiasm.  She had long ago discovered biodegradable flatware from her work at the aquarium.  Mimi, on the other hand, was just as enthralled as I was. (She always was my favorite child!) It amazed us both that such a hard plastic fork could really have been made from potatoes.

When my sweet Mimi came home from school, she told me all about her day, as she always does.   Then she got a strange look on her face.  She asked me if I had been teasing her about the potato fork.  (Not that I would ever mess with my children!)  I assured her that it was really made from potato starch, then asked her why she had asked.

She told me that after she had eaten all of her lunch and was all done with her fork, she decided to eat it.  When the first bite didn’t yield that potato chip crunch she was expecting, she kept trying to chew, finally giving up when it started to hurt her braces too much.  (Have I ever mentioned that she is so her father’s child?)   Then, my Shaun’s child broke the forks into pieces and tried to get her friends to try it.  They just told her that she was nuts.

Is it bad that I’m fighting the urge to get a red fork and telling her it’s made from apples?

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