I made it myself! Fun Monday

For this week’s Fun Monday, Karisma, has asked us to show something that we have made ourselves.  Hmmmm….

So, I looked around to see what I had created in our home.  The first thing that I saw was this big huge mess down by my feet.

made mess

Yep, I made this big mess all by myself.  I just threw everything down on the floor as I paid the bills.  Don’t you think I did a great job?

Then I got to thinking that maybe I should show something a little more exciting.  But first I had to let the dogs outside.  That’s when something amazing caught my eye.  KT’s math project was spread out to dry.  Since I made KT (I might have had a little help, but I did all the hard work!), I think it’s only fair that I can count her creation as my own…well kinda.

My sweet KT is a nerd of the biggest sort.  When she was given this math project, she was giddy with delight.  They had to use graphs to create an image.  She and her partner came up with 83 separate equations.  That look a bit like this.  (Sadly, she doesn’t get this from me…in fact this makes my eyes start to cross and my head to ache)

made math

All together they create a bunch of graphs that look like this.


Can you tell what it’s going to be yet? They only used little bit of each graph to create the final image.  When they had what they wanted, the girls spent a very long time filling color in…pixel by pixel..to create this.

made flounder

Ta Da! I don’t know about you, but I’m awestruck at what those girls have done!

To top it off, KT added a few handmade touches to the poster.


Glitter? Now that’s something she gets from me!

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