If it weren't for Larry…

It’s really isn’t a big secret that I’ve been a teensy eensy tiny bit jealous of Shaun’s Big Orange Jeep.   It’s not that I’ve really wanted a big off-roading vehicle or anything like that.  It’s just been…well…hard to see Shaun zoom off in his toy Jeep while I’m stuck driving the very-safe-and-oh-so-practical MomMobile. 

When an friend of ours got one of the new four door Jeeps last summer, I swooned over it.  Yet…sadly…I knew I had to let the dream of it go.  My dependable minivan was aging, but there was nothing wrong with it.  I simply couldn’t justify getting a new car.

Then as KT finished up her Driver’s Ed classes, we realized how much easier life would be if I had one less very busy kid to haul around.  So, feeling somewhat justified, we took a trip over to one of our local car dealers…just to see what was there.

I barely had a chance to start drooling over the closest Jeep when we were attacked approached by a salesman.  He talked to us about the car a little bit and let us go on a test drive.  As soon as we got back to the dealer, he left.  The next thing we knew, a different salesman came out to the car that we were still sitting in.  Despite the fact that I was sitting in the driver’s seat, he reached past me to Shaun and introduced himself as Larry.  My Beloved looked at him for a moment and then quietly informed him that I was the one who was interesting in a new vehicle.  (It just makes my toes tingle when Shaun sticks up for me like that!)

Corrected, Larry looked at me for a moment then started to tell me why this Jeep was just too much car for me.  (Hello? Did somebody fail Sales 101?) Then, he once again chose to ignore me and tried to engage my husband in conversation. 

I’m not too proud to admit that I lost it.  Poor clueless Larry obviously didn’t recognize the signs of a woman with a slow-burning temper.  He had no choice but to recognize the sign of a full-blown explosion though. I was furious and in no uncertain terms let him know just what I thought of the way that he had been treating me.  And that there was no way on earth I was going to buy a car from him.  All he could do was sputter that he hadn’t meant anything by it.   Yeah…right.

If it weren’t for Larry, I would’ve had my Jeep last summer.  Instead, I made peace withe the MomMobile once again.  That was until last weekend. 

mamas jeep 003

Thank goodness for Michael!

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