Quirky? Me?

FunMondayButton For this weeks Fun Monday, Lisa wants to know what some of our quirks are.  She defines a quirk as “a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism. We are all unique individuals, having quirks that help make us who we are”. 

Now, have to admit that I has a really hard time with coming up with something to write about as I’m about as normal as they come.   That is until I asked my family if they could possibly think of any quirks I might have. 

Shaun started off by mentioning that my toes wiggle when I’m angry.  (What’s odd about that? All that anger has to go somewhere if you don’t want a stroke) Then KT piped up about how I hated to be hot.  (Hello? We’ve been getting weather advisories because of our heat wave here in Seattle…it got all the way up into the 90’s this weekend. Of course I’m miserable!)

That was just the tip of the ice burg.  They went on to point out that I frequently got my words mixed up when I’m trying to say something. How slugs and worms gross me out, but spiders don’t bother me.  That boogers really gross me out.  How I have a peanut bladder and use every single restroom that we come across.  How I hate to be too cold, that a wrinkle in my sheets will keep me awake, how I wake up and prowl the house in the middle of the night, how…

Mimi grabbed her opportunity to speak when the other two paused for a breath.  She told me that she thought I was perfect and couldn’t think of a single quirk that I had.

Mimi always was my favorite…

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