I could just dye…

Yesterday Mimi, the fashionista, decided that my hair looked really cute, but that it just needed  a few adjustments.   She grabbed a brush and started “fixing” me.  After a few agonizing moments she proclaimed me Beautiful. 

Then she paused and cocked her head staring at the top of my head intently.   “You know”, she said “all those gray hairs up there are silver, not gray.  They’re actually really pretty”.  Then she happily skipped away.



Totally off topic: All you “Microsofties” that spy on me (don’t think I don’t know about you!) need to click over to see Mrs. G’s post today.  It’s all about you…well…kinda.  The comments are fun too!  (I don’t mean to exclude anyone, everyone else would enjoy it as well!)

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