Mimi's Fantastic Dinner

Not one to be discouraged by not-so-great cooking results,  our Mimi once again headed to the kitchen to prepare a feast for her family.  She chose a complicated looking recipe from the food network (it was labeled “easy” but obviously that was a typo) and got to work.

On a day that our vegan girl KT wouldn’t be home for dinner, Mimi created a shopping list and off we went to get the few ingredients that we didn’t already have.  (Amazingly, this shopping excursion resulted in  an herb garden…but that’s a story for another day!).   Armed with all of her supplies, Mimi insisted that I leave her alone to create her own personal magic. 

Letting Mimi do her thing all by herself was a bit nerve wracking for me.  Especially when I’d hear a huge gasp, mutterings or worse yet, crash.  Oh, and we won’t even mention how many times the smoke alarm went off.  Yet, every time I offered my assistance, she informed me that everything was under control and that I was not to peek.  

It seemed that Mimi had barely started her meal preparation when she called us to the beautifully set table. 

mimi's fantastic dinner 006

Her pride and joy was the perfectly seasoned tenderloin steak topped with fresh basil, sage and parsley (from her garden) and gorgonzola cheese.  (She did allow me to look at the cheese and assure her that the mold was the good kind!)

mimi's steak 

Shaun declared it the best steak he had ever eaten that he hadn’t prepared himself.  (Such a modest man) Mimi and I quickly realized  at the first bite that we simply weren’t cut out to eat rare steak.  Back in the oven it went!

The next course was pasta tossed with oven roasted garlic and fresh basil.  Oh my…talk about heavenly. 


When KT got home, she attacked the leftover pasta. 

For dessert (as if we really had room) Mimi had prepared ice cream balls with cinnamon and chocolate sauce.  And here I thought the pasta was heavenly….

mimi's dessert

It was the perfect ending to the perfect meal.  I wish I could take credit for teaching her all  know, but I can’t.  As Mimi frequently points out, I can melt a pan while trying to cook rice.

Hey, at least I can create a child that can create a fantastic meal…that’s got to count for something!

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20 Responses to Mimi's Fantastic Dinner

  1. Hilary says:

    Ooh that looks delicious.. all of it. Good going, Mimi! Will you share the recipes, or will we have to wait until you’ve published your cook book like all of the top chefs?

  2. Jay says:

    That looks pretty darn yummy! I’ll take my steak medium please. 😉

  3. I see many more delicious dinners in your future.

  4. Amanda D says:

    Ooh. Can I come over next time Mimi cooks? that looks heavenly.

  5. Peggy says:

    Well done Mimi!!

    I would have been an enthusiastic eater at that table!!

  6. catnip35 says:

    Oh my, that makes me hungry just looking at it all!

  7. Kari says:

    That looks super yummy!! Post the reciepe!

  8. Betty says:

    I always take credit for Kell’s culinary abilities. I say she learned to cook because I didn’t. lol

  9. Susan says:

    Hilary~Hmmm…I could be making money off of this kid? Wait for the cookbook! LOL

    Jay~better hurry over before it’s gone!

    Jenn~I sure hope so.

    Amanda~why of course!

    Peggy~You’re back! I’ve got to head over to check out your adventures.

    Catnip~I’m pretty amazed.

    Kari~You have to wait for the cookbook (or you could just click on the link!)

    Betty~I’m pretty sure that’s what is going on here. I didn’t realize that I got to take credit for it though. Go Me!

  10. oh my goodness, that looks amazing

    now I’m hungry

  11. Brenda says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for years, but that steak makes me want to reconsider! I’m a non-cook too, I do the 90 second microwave rice, why mess up a pan?

  12. Oh wow. What a feast.

    Kind of banishes the memory of the alien love cake.

  13. tommie says:

    that does look oh so delicious! But I am a medium well girl too….I can handle a super thin line of pink, but that is about it.
    That desseert looks yummy!

  14. Lisa's Chaos says:

    Dessert too?! Looks like a great meal! I even like the look of the steak and I’m picky. 🙂

  15. Stephanie says:

    Oh my. That steak just looks SO good. I love my steak rare. Yummy. John can’t stand it that way and has to have it medium as well. The rarer the better as far as I’m concerned. MMMMMmmm. And the dessert looks picture perfect as well! Can I borrow her to cook for our family? :o)

  16. It all looks delicious!

  17. Karina says:

    Wow,that’s amazing! I’m extremely impressed. And yes, I think the fact that you “created” the child that can cook like that certainly counts for something! 😉

  18. mrs darling says:

    Wow she did a great job!

  19. Ann says:

    um, WOW!!! That looks fabulous!

  20. kcinnova says:

    It all looks delicious!

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