Proof that I'm a Neanderthal

I’ve been messing with my template, trying to make a new and improved version. 

I somehow forgot that my brain never made it into the future…I’m still back in the stone age.  In my brain, I’m still using a typewriter (at least I’ve trained myself not to keep trying to hit the carriage return!) 

So…I’ve lost my tulips, I’ve misplaced my original lemon banner that Shaun created for me, and I can’t even remember the original WP template that I loved so much.  It could take me while to struggle my way toward the Computer Age, so don’t be too alarmed if my blog looks different every time you visit it…Fortunatly I live with kids and a computer nerd, so maybe they’ll help me!

But for now, I’ve got to go doctor up my World Famous Beans to take to the “Exploding Fireworks” party we are going to. 

Have a great (and very safe!) Fourth!

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