The Birthday Surprise

FunMondayButton For this week’s Fun Monday, Dungarees Ablaze says, “Let’s hear about your favorite “Birthday”, it needn’t be your actual birthday just a “birthday” celebration. You can use one you planned, one you attended, one you crashed, just a fun time for this FUN MONDAY

Hmmm…there have been soooo many birthdays (not just mine silly!) that it’s hard to choose a favorite.  I think I’ll go with my mother’s 50th.  (I’m pretty sure that was just last year) My dad wanted to throw her a surprise birthday party.  Of course, I thought that was a great idea.  At least until I realized that what he really wanted was for me to throw the party. 

Being young and dumb, I agreed to do the simple job of all the putting the party together, while he took  the onerous task of inviting everyone.  Despite having very limited experience in party planning , I just knew that my great idea of putting up steamers, making a cake and ordering a few pizzas just wasn’t going to cut it with my parent’s crowd.  (My friends would have been happy!)

So I got to work picking the brains of my mother’s friends on the best way to put this party together without my mom finding out.  (This was before Google was invented, how did we manage without it?) Armed with good advise and lots of enthusiasm, I managed to get everything ready in time for the Big Day. 

When that day arrived, Dad did the other half of his huge assignment by taking Mom away for a few hours.  We quickly snuck in and got to work decorating and greeting guests in order to create a beautiful  party for my mom.  Somehow, we managed to pull it off.  Mom didn’t have a clue and was overwhelmed with everyone that cared so much about her.

In my quest to be the Hostess with the Mostest,  I announced that I had one more surprise and ran off to get it.  Much to the amazement of both my parents, I came back out with my brother and his new wife.  We had arranged for them to fly out from the East Coast to be with us on that special day. 

I still haven’t decided if it was more fun to surprise my Mom for her birthday or to surprise both of them with my baby brother.  Either way, it’s a birthday celebration that I will never forget….

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