For the Love of Edward

“Mom! I almost just had a major freak-out!”

I calmly arched my right eyebrow at my eldest daughter, waiting for her to continue. (OK, I didn’t really arch my eyebrow at her, sadly I’ve never been able to master that particular skill, but I’ve always wanted to…)

“I just realized that I hadn’t re-read all the books and then I remembered that I had them all memorized.  Bye Mom, I love you!”  she blurted out in one breath and then off she went to work with three thick books tucked under her arm. 

In case you happen to be one of the unenlightened, tonight at midnight marks the release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in Stephanie Meyer’s  Twilight series.   Guess who plans to be at the front of the line at B & N?

It all started five years ago when one of KT’s friends suggested that she read a book that she had come across.  It was about a girl that fell in love with a modern day vampire.  By the time she had finished reading the book, our KT was smitten with Edward, the oh-so-romantic lead character.  With each additional release, KT fell deeper and deeper in love with this fictional boy…er…vampire.   So have all of her girlfriends…

Of course, KT, in the spirit of sharing such wonderfulness, has urged me to read the books along with her.   I don’t know if it’s my contrary nature or what…but I don’t like Edward.  (There, I’ve said it…now please don’t hurt me!) Some may be fooled by that old-world Victorian charm, but he comes off as a bit too smooth and slimy for me.  As I constantly tell KT, (mostly to mess with her) Jacob (who just happens to be a werewolf) is the true hero of the story.

I’m sure my girl will be up until the wee hours of the morning, once again falling deeper and deeper in love with her favorite vampire.  (How can any human male even compete with the wonderful Edward?)  I can’t wait for her to finish the book so I get my chance to read it!

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  1. Count me among the unenlightened. LOL

  2. Stephanie says:

    We preordered it and Kyrin STILL wants to go to B&N at midnight to get a copy. I am trying to talk her out of it and wait for the mail tomorrow. I don’t know if she can. Heck…I don’t know if *I* can! I am kind of torn because I like both Edward and Jacob. But Jacob can be my space heater any day of the week 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Ruth~Ahhh…it’s a modern day love story!

    Stephanie! Look for us if you go!!! Half of us plans on getting there at 10:30 so as to miss the rush! LOL

  4. Tofu Mom says:

    We’re going to a private party at a little independantly-owned book store. There will be some little booths selling…well… whatever memoribilia and trinkets one sells for a vampire themed book… and a bunch of games, fortune telling, goodies (including blood-red Red-Velvetcupcakes, ah, the irony!) costumes, all sorts of craziness waiting for the clock to strike 12…

  5. Jay says:

    Well of course you don’t like Edward. You’re KT’s mother. You not gonna like any boy that she likes. It’s your job. haha

    I’ve never heard of these books. But, they don’t sound like they were written for 40 year olds. 😉

  6. Karen says:

    I really need those books. I’ve heard so much about them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve thought about going to the Golden Arches all week….

  7. Georgie says:

    I haven’t heard of the books either-I just wish my girl beans would have that passion for reading

    I did however hear about your blog from allmediocre and am glad I stopped by

  8. Julie Morgan says:

    I think someone should do a sociological study on who is for Edward and who is for Jacob. I have a feeling that the already-married women would have a high vote for Jacob and the teenage set would have a high Edward vote. Don’t even get me started on why Jacob is the MUCH better man – for one thing, she doens’t have to die to be with him!!!! Oh, and I kind of love the books too 🙂 P.S. In a recent interveiw, the author (Ms. Meyer) mentioned that one of the largest growing fan-bases of her boks is 30 yearold women…. perhaps we all are rooting for Jacob!!!

  9. Frances says:

    I love vampy movies and books – I shall look into it too!
    As for your post on gray hair, about a year ago I was having my hair cut at Super Cuts.
    The stylist ran her fingers through my hair gathering it up over my head and then slowly released it so it floated gently down to my shoulders.
    In a booming voice she asked; “Soooo do you want to do somehting about ALL that gray.”

  10. Pamela says:

    If its getting the girls “teeth” into reading, I guess it can’t be such a bad thing. (:

  11. lisaschaos says:

    I love to read and I love it when other people love to read!! Sounds like your daughter is about that vampire like my son is about the Eragon/Eldest books, he’s read them many times and can’t wait for the author’s newest book due out next month.

  12. I thought I should check it out since it’s so big on the teen scene. I thought it was good, but not great. Still, it’s awesome when kids are so excited about a book series. Have fun at B & N!

  13. Dorky Dad says:

    Sheesh. I hadn’t even HEARD of this series until about three days ago.

    Maybe I should be thankful for that.

  14. Britt says:

    I have heard a lot about those books but have never actually read one. I might just have to pick it up and see who I like best!

  15. Karina says:

    I’ve never heard of these books, but as a lover of all things Vampire (I blame it all on Buffy), you can bet I’ll be looking them up.

    Now, if you enjoy that series, then you might enjoy the Hollows series by Kim Harrison (sort of the grown up version of those, I think). I love these.

  16. ashley says:

    I have to admit, I too am smitten with Edward. *sigh*

  17. fiwa says:

    Hello – surfed over from Jay’s blog.
    I keep hearing about these books everywhere I go! I’m going to see if I can find them at the library, just to see what all the fuss is about.

    I love the quilting squares.


  18. Amanda D says:

    I am so glad that you feel the same way I do! I have never been able to arch my eyebrow either. 🙁

    And, I don’t like Edward either. I am really rooting for Jacob. But, I am #398 at the library so it’ll be awhile until I hear what happens! 🙂

  19. Jocelyn says:

    My husband works at B & N, so he was firsthand privy to the whole “party and excitement” of last week. We actually had never heard of this author or series before…but now we’re up to speed. I love knowing what kind of girl reads these books! Smart ones, eh?

  20. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for us to read like this together! How exciting!

  21. Patti says:

    Late comment…I was a little worried about my 26 yr old friend Nicole. We usually communicate daily as we are in Nursing School together. We are now on break for a precious 2 weeks, and I didn’t hear from her for 4 days straight. On the 5th day, she called, and greeted me in a casual and kind of subdued way. I asked her if she was OK, where she had been. She said “Oh, I was reading the Twilight series, you’ve probably never heard of it” She was, of course, insinuating that I am way too old to have known about or been interested in this series. Of course, thanks to you Susan, I just nonchalantly said “Oh, do you mean the Edward the vampire thing? That was enough. I said no more, just listened for at least the next 20 minutes. She is going to be OK, as long as Nursing School keeps her busy til the next book comes out.

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