Losin' Our Pants

I realize that some of you out there think that I’m a bit nuts for whimpering about our recent weather.   In many areas of the country, ninety-five degrees is considered “normal”.  (I pity you poor souls…but not as much as I pitied myself this weekend!)  Here in Seattle, it just doesn’t get that hot. Our homes are built to bring in the light and retain the heat.  Nobody has air conditioning here.

My game plan to keep the house cool was to open all the windows at night to cool things off as much as possible.  During the day, all the windows were closed up tight and covered with blankets to keep the searing hot air out.   This only managed to keep the house temperature down to a barely tolerable eighty-six degrees.

There is something about all that heat that made our pants fall off.  Nope, I have no idea why this would happen.  Yet, I as I blearily looked around at my family we were all spread out in the dark cave  we had created wearing just our T-shirts and underwear.   At least we were until KT asked if one of her friends could come over and hang out for a while.   Grudgingly I gave her permission and we all went in search of a our britches.  (After all, it’s only polite to be fully dressed when guests come over)

An hour or so later, the kids were downstairs watching television while I was snuggling up as close as I dared to the fan upstairs.  All of  a sudden I heard a huge bellow followed by embarrassed laughter. 

It turned out that Shaun had emerged from Karazhan and had decided to sneak out and try to scare the girls.  (Shaun has a thing about trying to scare us…we usually just tell him that he scared the rats out of us….whether he did or not…just to make him happy)  He had silently crept down the hall and burst in to the room shouting “Ta DA!” at the top of his lungs.

It was then that he realized there was an extra kid in the room.   My swift-minded husband leaped back out of the room before anyone had a chance to realize that the shorts he was wearing were really his boxers.  (Oops, I guess we forgot to tell him to get dressed)

Fortunately our “excessive heat warning” is now over with. (Oddly it has been replaced by thunderstorm and hail warnings…strange summer we are having).   We are at a very refreshing sixty-three degrees.  Still…if you decide you want to visit,  you might want to call first. 

I’m just sayin’….

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