My First Ever Totally Random Post

Despite the fact that my mind works in a very random way, I’ve never written a random post before.  I love reading them though (especially Tink’s) Since it’s been over a week since I’ve posted, there seems to be a lot to catch up on.  I’m giving myself ten minutes….

Shaun and Mimi went to visit our niece Tomi last weekend.  As they approached the state line, Mimi called me on the phone.  “Get ready!” she said.  “Spread your arms out…it’s almost here…are they spread?  OK…here it is!” And together we hollered out “Two places at once, we’re in two places at once!”   I didn’t bother to point out that I was actually not with her…

My mom started posting again! That was a huge surprise to see…go say hi.

I really, really love my Jeep.  I had no idea a mode of transportation could be so much FUN!

KT wasn’t able to start reading her book until Saturday evening.  Then she read it straight through only pausing to eat. (she wasn’t about to eat while reading and risk getting something on her precious book!) I watched as she laughed and she cried her way through it.  She kept wanting to share parts of it with me, but held back so she wouldn’t ruin it for me.  At about three in the morning she gently laid the book down beside me.  When I asked how it was, she sniffed and told me that “it was perfect…just perfect” and went off to dream of Edward.

Shaun brought me roses when he returned from Cour d’Alene.   He likes to bring me flowers at random times as he feels that they have more meaning than bringing them to me when society says he is supposed to.  I like that he thinks that way.

In the last week (I’m not counting last week as I didn’t blog) I’ve had comments from a husband, a friend, a sister-in-law and a cousin!  Maybe it’s silly, but it makes me so happy when friends and family comment!

Oops, time’s up!  We have to go to a picnic and now I seem to be running late!

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