My Second Ever Totally Random Post!

When I talked to my dad on the phone last night, he was complaining about not being able to keep tabs on us because I haven’t been blogging.  Sigh…I blame it on the summer. (Hey Dad, did you notice how I didn’t respond with a snarky remark about how you could keep better tabs on us if you would just roll your RV into Seattle instead of gallivanting around the countryside?  I’m very restrained like that.) Summertime, for us, is all about relaxed schedules, running around having fun and recharging our batteries.  I feel good when I remember to feed the girls…who has time to blog? (sorry!)

School starts in three days…not that anyone is counting or anything.

KT just showed me a Fred Meyer’s Rewards card reminding me that she had told me we had one.  I rarely go to that grocery store so it didn’t really matter to me.  She asked if she could have it…I pretended to think about it for a moment before answering that she could.  She shouted “YES!” and ran off to her room.  Huh…strange kid.

I’ve never been one to get excited about new school supplies, yet the full restocked cabinet makes my heart go pitter-patter in a strange way.

Mimi has an ear infection.  She has been on antibiotics for three days now and claims that it still hurts.   I haven’t quite figured out if it really hurts or if she’s milking it. (she gets that from her dad)  I’m hoping that she’s just being a Drama Queen.

Tomorrow, KT is going to take bus to downtown Seattle to attend Bumpershoot  and see one of her favorite bands with a group of her friends.  I have to admit that this terrifies me in so many ways.  It’s possible that we have been a bit over-protective with our babies…and it’s really hard to loosen those apron strings.  Bumpershoot is an all day music and arts event.  Lots of fun (just as long as you don’t mind loud music and crowds)  I hate it that my kids want to grow up…

Speaking of aprons…I have this crazy idea that I need one.  Of course I’m too cheap to buy one, I’m going to make the exact one that I need want.  Only I’m having a horrible time trying to decide what fabric I want to use.   Yep, you can just call me Miss Decisive…or should that be Mrs. or perhaps Ms.Decisive.  Hmmm….

Ok, three hours left of August…where on earth has the summer gone? I hope yours was great!   I’ll be seeing you a lot more, just as soon as we get on schedule with the start of school in three days. (Not that anyone is counting or anything….)

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