Back To School

The first day of school went amazingly well.  All the worries I had about everyone getting up before the  Crack of Dawn were completely unfounded.  When my alarm went off, KT was already up, fully dressed and straightening her hair.  (Which really confuses me as she has the straightest hair of anyone I know…how do you make it straighter than straight?)

Then next thing I knew, Mimi stumbled out of her room to stake her claim on the bathroom mirror.  She had agonized over what  to wear the night before (and I do mean agonized!) so it was a breeze for her to get ready. 

The night before Mimi had even made lunches for both herself and her sister.   She even included a sweet little note written on a napkin for her sister.  (I’m pretty much convinced that an alien ship landed and switched children on me…this is not normal behavior!)

1stday lunch napkin

I reminded both girls that I needed to take their picture before they left.   KT tried her best to convince me that we should do it indoors, but I refused to break tradition.  We’ve always taken first day photos right outside our front door.  (of course,  in the younger years they went to school later and it wasn’t dark out!)

1stday kt

This isn’t kt’s best picture.  She really wasn’t very awake and my camera wasn’t cooperating.   All of what should have been the cute shots came out as black little boxes…sigh….

1stday mimi

Mimi was very awake an hour later when it was her turn to leave for the bus stop. (apparently so was my camera because it was cooperating then!)

They both had a great day, catching up with friends and meeting their new teachers.   Today was another fairly easy day of getting up early.  Only Mimi didn’t want to be bothered with making the lunches…it’s all downhill from here….

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