Mission: Not so accomplished…

Every year, a few weeks before school starts, I start to wean us from our nocturnal habits.   When the girls were little, it wasn’t really that big of a deal when the girls were tiny as I had pretty much kept them on a routine…and they liked getting up early back then. 

Now that the girls are older, the story is a bit different.   It seems normal to stay up late just hanging out, watching movies, chatting with friends, having sleep-overs…  After a couple weeks of  talking about switching to the famed “early to bed, early to rise” way of thinking, I finally took action…two nights ago. 

On Monday morning, I woke Mimi up at shortly before the Crack of Dawn.  She buried her head under the blanket and asked me why  she had to get up early right away, and then wondered if we could ease into it, slowly.  I was just asleep enough to be agreeable and re-set my alarm.   Forty-five minutes after my alarm went off,  I dragged Mimi out of bed.  (Apparently were were really going to ease into it.)

So this morning,  determined to get at least one trial run in, I woke my child up and dragged her out of bed.  We sat together on the couch, staring blearily at each other, pretending that we were wide awake.  Finally, Mimi asked what we should be doing.  My poor sleep-deprived brain simply didn’t have an answer for her.

Finally, we came to the decision that we had proved our point that we were quite capable of getting up before the birds did.  So…we went back to bed for three more hours.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting….

This really isn’t an issue for KT as she has been getting up early for work all summer long. Tough kid.

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