The chasm in my mouth

Last Wednesday evening, I noticed that something felt strange about one of my teeth.  Naturally, I prodded at it a bit with my tongue until I realized that I fairly large section of my molar was missing.  It didn’t hurt at all, but I got a slightly queasy feeling in the bit of my stomach when I peered in my mouth and saw a huge black chasm in my tooth.

When I told Shaun that it looked like a nice cozy cave for woodland creatures, he laughed at me. So did the dental assistant when I repeated my theory to her at my appointment first thing the next morning. (Why I bothered to share the one thought that helped me to deal with this trauma with anyone, I’ll never know…)  I wisely chose not to share my thoughts with the dentist.

I did however, tell the dentist that he was beginning to remind me of Steve Martin’s character in “The Little Shop of Horrors”.  This was probably not the best thing to say to the man who was getting ready to prowl around in my mouth with a drill and sharp pointy objects .   In my defense, he had just poked me hard enough with one of those pointy objects to make me scream and fly out of the chair.  Then he giggled with embarrassment as he apologized.

Dr. K was new to the practice, yet I found that I liked him immediately. (Despite the fact that he seemed to enjoy poking people)  He was young, forthright and had a great sense of humor.  He reminded me a lot of my baby brother. (Hmmmm….not exactly one of the things I that I look for in a dentist…)  He explained to me that my tooth had broken because of decay that had started to grow beneath a filling.  He was going to explore a bit to see how much damage there was beneath my mouth cave and then decide the best course of action from there.  

Fortunately, my nerve was not damaged so  they decided that the best way to go was to prep me for a crown (solidifying my Royal Status). Dr. K and his lovely assistant spent three hours working in my mouth before sending me on my merry way with a prescription for a pain killer and a warning that I would be sore for a day or two.

This morning, at Shaun’s nagging urging, I called the dental office again and told them that not only was my pain not subsiding, it was getting worse.  They told me to come in right away so they could see what was going on.  Dr. K made a worried face at the swollen white ridges in the back of my mouth.  After numbing me up (it’s really hard to get and keep me numb…my body metabolizes that stuff like crazy) he took some pointy tweezers in there and started pulling bits of the white stuff off.  It didn’t hurt, but I could feel exactly what he was doing and knew my mouth was going to be hamburger before he was done.  (it was/is). 

In the end it was decided that the tissue in my mouth had an adverse reaction to having so much anesthesia poured in to it. (Of course it had nothing to do with the size of those plungers needles he used to pour it into me.) This time, I was only in the chair for two hours…and walked out of there with three prescriptions. 

As soon as I got home, I couldn’t help it, I had to look at the back of my mouth in the mirror.  My stomach was definetly on the queasy side as I peered in to access the damage.  Of course the cozy cave that was in my tooth is long gone, but now I have condos for any small woodland creatures in search of a home.

Sigh…I need to go pop another one of those painkillers…

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  1. Oh, I can sympathize so much. I metabolize novocaine too. During one memorable crown prep, my dentist had to give me three shots. He has resorted to giving me novocaine AND happy gas, and it has improved the experience tremendously.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Someone's Mother says:

    Thanks for stopping by today, I can’t believe you felt up to visiting people. I’d be in bed whining! 🙂

    I do hope your mouth starts feeling better soon. I can empathize with your mouth pain, I’ve had a ton of dental work, and when I say ton…I mean TON.

    I can’t wait to spend some time looking around your blog, it’s great so far!

    Take care, Rest and Feel Better Soon!

  3. Ann says:

    feh. There are VERY few places I detest more than the dentist chair. Feeling your pain. Hope you’re feeling better!!! =/

  4. Peace says:


    Sorry, Little Shop is one of my favorite plays!

    Hope you got good meds that are working for you. Pain is no fun. After my surgery it took over 3 hours for the morphine to start working and then when they switched me over to percaset I was allergic! Pain sucks, hope yours is subsiding! Congratulations on the crown, Hail Queen Susan!

  5. Jay says:

    Nothing is worse than having to go to the dentist. Nothing!

    But, at least they are always happy to give out prescriptions for good pain killers. 😉

  6. Stephanie says:

    EEK!!! and OWWW!!! I hope you got the good stuff now and can happily vegetate for a while and let your mouth heal up.

    Again….did I mention OW??

  7. tommie says:

    I do hope the pain subsides. I have had enough dental work in my lifetime….so I do feel your pain. Hope the happy pills make it a little better!

  8. Becky says:

    Enjoy the heck out of your pain pills, my friend. Please. Have one for me.

    And I hope that you feel well soon.

  9. Beckie says:

    You have just put into words my worst nightmare.

    I went to the dentist today and had my teeth cleaned – I dislike the dentist VERY much!!

  10. Mrs. G. says:

    You poor dear-mouth pain is the suckiest. I’m glad you have the pain medication-many dentists are tightwads with them.

  11. Lisa's Chaos says:

    Sounds like quite an experience! And although you kept the humor there, now my mouth hurts, thank you very much. 🙂

  12. Hilary says:

    Poor you. I hope you heal quickly from hear on in.. and failing that, I hope you have wonderful pain meds.

    P.S. Don’t ever tell Frank about this or he’ll NEVER go to the dentist.

  13. Mama Kalila says:

    Oh no… I know I need to go but I hate dentists & this doesn’t make me wanna go any more than I already did lol. I am so sorry though!

  14. just reading your post is traumatic for me, a dentistophobe!!! i hope you’re feeling chipper again soon!

  15. Well I’m a little late to the party, but I hope you’re doing better now.

    I had to have oral surgery just after my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They pumped me full of everything they had–it didn’t even make me yawn. Finally they had to just do the procedure with me fully alert. As they said, “We’d give you more, but it would kill you.”

  16. Joy T. says:

    I just made a dentist appointment this morning and after reading this I’m REALLY not looking forward to going!! Hope your mouth feels better soon!

  17. Cazzie says:

    OMG, I so hope know you will be ok, hang in there ok.

  18. Cheryl says:

    Ouch! I hate it when a molar breaks. Those caves are weird.

  19. Jocelyn says:

    I don’t quease up too easily, but the part where he used tweezers to pull white stuff out of your mouth? Got me.

    I’ve had that experience, of having the anesthesia wear off while still in the chair. Talk about panic.

    Put away the mirrors, love.

  20. Frances says:

    Sending bloglove and good vibes your way.
    Waving at you from New York

  21. fiwa says:

    It takes a lot to get my husband numb too – and they never seem to remember that or believe him from one visit to the next.

    I hope the tooth pain is long gone!

  22. Amanda D says:

    This sounds absolutely miserable. I hope that you are feeling better! I’m glad that I have a couple months until I need to go in again…I hope by then I have forgotten your experience!

  23. Lynanne says:

    ouch, ouch, and triple ouch. quadruple ouch even…owie, oy, ouch! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!!

  24. lynne says:

    Did you fall into that chasm in your mouth? Is that why you haven’t posted? Hm…?
    I would kill to get 20-some odd comments on my blog ….


  25. snpnmnmi says:

    I guess you’ve struck a nerve! haha… everybody seems to have a dental story. I’ve got a property in the back of my mouth I could sale you… it’s in the wisdom section of town and I know they’er going to want to demolish. Yeah, I should probably go… but there are SO many other things that will come first (and second and third ad infinity)!
    Tammy :):):)

  26. Natasha says:

    Hi Susan!
    It’s true.. Everyone DOES have a dental story.. I’m sorry about your pain, and I don’t suppose you want to hear mine about the dentist tugging on a tooth that wasn’t quite ready to let go yet. 🙁
    I’d like to invite you to join us at, a website for women who believe in embracing transitions and change and making the most of our individualities and our lives. Do check us out!

  27. meredith says:

    I also have a hard time getting numbed. NIGHTMARE~ They use the old stuff on me that lats for 6-7 hours. LOVE it, because I am always numb in the procedure. My heart goes out to you! Hope you get better soon!

  28. Jenny says:

    Yowch. Dental woes are a drag. I sympathize.

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