Grounds In My Coffee….

I’m never sure if the actual lyrics are clouds or grounds in the coffee.  Grounds makes much more sense to me, so I’m going with it…

Every once in a while I get a wild hair to do something a bit different.  Like make pumpernickel bread.  (To be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure I even like pumpernickel all that much, but sometimes you just have to humor with your urges.)  One of the ingredients my recipe called for was instant coffee grounds. 

I realize in many homes (including my mother’s) one would simply reach into the cupboard and grab the container of instant coffee.  I, however, live in Seattle…otherwise known as Latte Land.  The only socially acceptable coffee (other than that from a latte stand) is whole beans that you grind yourself.  Snobby? Perhaps…but the freshly ground flavor is so much better.

So, I went on a search for instant coffee.  After visiting seven stores, I finally found a dusty container shoved to the very back of a shelf.  Despite the fact that I threw a whole mess of other items on the checkout belt to camouflage my embarrassing item, the cashier still shuddered when he rang up my coffee.  He started to ask me if I had meant to purchase that, but I managed to stare him down with my Wicked Mom Glare before he could complete his sentence.  

I quietly smuggled my contraband into the house under thflavors_ciswirl_photoe cover of darkness, desperately hoping that none of my neighbors would notice what I had.   Relieved to have made it safely in, I took a moment to examine my loot.   My new container of instant coffee happened to be cinnamon flavored.  I have to admit that I was really curious at this point.   Cinnamon is right up there in my top three flavors.  (The others being coffee and chocolate of course) I was sorely tempted. 

The next morning, the container was still there, luring me on.  I’m not too proud to tell you that I gave in to temptation.  I put a spoonful of those heavenly scented flavor crystals into my mug and added boiling water along with a bit of creamer and stirred away.  Could anything possibly be better than coffee and cinnamon that was ready instantly?  Had I just opened the gate to a secret addiction? At that point I simply didn’t care. 

As I brought my steaming mug up for my first sip, I noticed that all of the crystals hadn’t dissolved yet.  I decided that it didn’t matter, I was going to drink some anyways.  So I did…and wound up with a mouth full of coffee grounds. 

Upon closer examination, none of the packaging actually said that the coffee was instant.   All I can figure, is that I picked up a container of the brand of instant coffee that my mom uses, assuming that all that brand can make is instant coffee.  (Either that, I was brainwashed by the promise of cinnamon!)  Faced with all those wonderful smelling coffee grounds, I had no choice but to actually brew them.  To my delight, it’s actually pretty good…especially without grounds floating on top. 

But please don’t tell anyone I said so…

I just found out that my buddy Linda started a blog and is having a contest to win a year’s subscription to a cooking magazine.   Please go over and enter and let her know that Susan sent you.  I’m hoping she’ll give me extra points and maybe I’ll win.  (Or it could be you and I would be just as happy!) Although goodness knows I could use all the cooking help there is!  😀  

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