How I Got My Printer to Work

Last weekend, we got a new printer.   It’s one of those fancy-smancy ones that print, scan, fax and feed the dogs.  Shaun has always said we’d never get on of those all-in-ones because they are all basically worthless.  He would know because he works in the printing and imaging group. Or did….or…oh whatever.  

Anyways, we needed one right away so that the girls could print out their  school assignments.  (Teachers are so picky about wanting things turned in on time)   Shaun brought this one home, dropped it off by the kid computer and went into the dungeon his office saying that he needed to check his work email real quick before he could set it up.

Real quick soon turned into a couple of hours.  It seemed that WoW  had done some sort of update and his guild really, really needed him to play.  The guilt of a family really, really needing a printer finally got to him and he grudgingly set it up.  (In all honestly, we were trying to do it ourselves but it seems that my inept technology gene has been passed down.)  Of course it was a piece of cake for Shaun and worked perfectly. 

Only, I later found out that our new printer only worked if you were trying to print from the girls’ computer.  If I wanted something printed I had to email it to one of the kids and have her print it for me.  I started to nag gently requesting that my Beloved fix this problem for me.  Naturally, Shaun agreed to fix it…just as soon as he was done with whatever he was doing.

I finally came up with a plan.  Knowing that Shaun had a craving for some apple pie (He’d only asked me to make him a pie about a zillion times) I sent him a simple email noting how very, very sad it was that I couldn’t print out a recipe to make pie crust because I had no access to the printer. 

I wasn’t terribly surprised when Shaun came pounding up the stairs less than a minute later informing me that it was implied that I would bake him an apple pie if he fixed my wireless connection.  Less than five minutes after that I could print.   An hour and half after that Shaun was busy dining on pie.  (I didn’t even bother with printing out a recipe…after all, it was only for pie crust!) 

Now why didn’t I ever think of using bribery sooner?


This isn’t the pie that I made.  That one disappeared almost instantly. 

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