Susan's Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The other day I promised someone that I would post something…anything…really soon.   Of course, I had every intention of typing something up immediately after I made that promise, only I had forgotten about my dentist appointment.  (Merely the fourth one in the last couple of weeks).  As I grabbed my keys and headed out the door I promised myself that I would write a post just as soon as I was done in the torture  chamber.  Only, it took a bit longer to get home than I had planned on. 

While I was laying in the chair trying to find my Happy Place, my mind drifted off to some errands that I also needed to take care of.  It made no sense at all to return home, so I quickly darted off to the library to pick up my books that were on hold so that I would have them for my class the next  day, then headed off for my third trip to the fabric store.  I’d been working on a dress for KT to wear to the Homecoming Dance.  She was being a bit particular (I think it had something to do with wanting to knock her new boyfriend’s socks off) and I kept altering it in order to make it perfect for her.  (I had my own personal experiment going to see how many times a piece of crepe backed satin could handle being ripped out and re-sewn.  I lost count at around 87 times…pretty tough stuff!)

I finally arrived back home (traffic was really bad…I hadn’t realized that they were still doing road construction) just in time to make a light meal for Mimi who was ill and had stayed home from school.   As I was washing up, it dawned on me that the water wasn’t getting hot at all.  I figured that a cat must have knocked the setting on the water heater, so I went to investigate.  

To my horror, I found a huge puddle of water barely contained by the four inch tall protective barrier surrounding our water heater.   I grabbed a fish siphon thingy that just happened to be in the laundry room.  (Nope, I have no idea why it was there…we haven’t even had fish in about a year) and attempted to use it to empty out the water.  All I can say at this point is that I have no idea how to use a siphon and that rusty heater water does not taste good.  I finished my task using a plastic cup and old rags.

Just as I sat down to look up what you are supposed to do when your water heater goes crazy (and of course write that blog entry) the doorbell rang.  It was my neighbor Tim.  I had asked his wife earlier if they happened to have a chainsaw that I could borrow.  Our next door neighbor’s tree had fallen over and was mostly in our back yard and needed to be dealt with.  In her straight-forward way, she just asked her husband to take care of it for me. (Personally, I think she was just worried that I would sever an arm and thus be unable to feed her dogs for her this weekend)

When Tim was done, I asked him if he knew anything about water heaters.  When he said “a little”, I had him inside examining my broken one faster than he could blink.   He knows nothing. 

He did, however, tell me not to relight the pilot light without contacting the utility company. They told me not to light it until they could get someone out there the next day between 8:00 am and midnight.  Um…

Wearily I climbed upstairs, intent on blogging something.  I started forming words in my head, then found myself abruptly falling down the stairs.  I had tripped over Mimi’s crutches that she had been using to help keep the weight off of her broken ankle

I told my family they were on their own for dinner then crawled into bed and hid under the covers.  It’s been a few days now…I’m only hoping it’s truly safe for me to come out.  If not, well…guess where you can find me…


Just for fun, I decided to change the color of some of the things I’ve been meaning to blog about.  It really has been a busy time lately and you’ve been missing out on it. Sorry! I may or may not go back and write about them….but at least you know of the existence of some of them!

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