A Very Special Day

“Mom, guess what tomorrow is!” Mimi called to me excitedly

“It’s Election Day!” I responded enthusiastically.

“Noooo.” She replied with disgust. “It’s the day Grandma and Grandpa get here.”  After a moment she told me that she guessed it was voting day too.  Clearly, she has her priorities.

A few hours later I got a call from my dad.  He said that he had just called to see how I was doing.  Suspicious, I asked him if he was the car that had just parked outside and was making all that noise. (What you don’t always assume your parents have snuck up on you when they call?)  Apparently, my psychic powers were in full swing because they were standing at the front door. 

I gave them a quick hug then sent Dad downstairs where Mimi was working.   Right on target, Mimi started to shriek with joy.  (She’s always been Grandpa’s girl)  I’m not sure what it is about our family, but we sure do enjoy being sneaky. 

So…we can cross that off of our list.  The other big thing is to get out and vote.  There are so many things on my ballot that I need to lend my voice to.  Like the old saying goes, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain if you don’t like the way things are.   I’ll make sure my voice is heard first thing in the morning.  Have a very special day!


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