And so it begins…

Two weeks ago, I got a reminder from the NaBloPoMo people that it was time to sign up for a month of daily writing. (And by daily, they mean Every Single Day.  This would include weekends and holidays.  No wimpy banker’s hours for the tough NaBloPoMos out here!)  I thought about this for approximately sixteen seconds before I clicked on the link and signed myself up.  Heck, I’d done it last year, why wouldn’t I be able to do it again this year?

                                            nablo thingy

Then I started thinking.  (Not always a great idea!)  about how I haven’t really been blogging much for the last six months or so.  I think I’ve been averaging about a post a week.  How could I possibly post Every Single Day?  So I made a plan to start posting daily right away.  I had two weeks…surely I could form the habit in that amount of time.   I’ve um…posted three times since then.  I think I might be in trouble.

Then…I got to thinking again.  I’m imagining myself as  huge powerful semi-truck climbing up a mountain.  (have you ever been stuck behind one of those?  Frustrating, huh?)  The truck has to go into low gear and really work at getting up that hill.  Once it’s at the top…there’s nothing stopping it.  (Well except for those runaway truck sand pits you see in the mountains, but let’s not get technical here.)

So here I sit at the top of the hill.  Once I begin, there’s no stopping me.  Are you ready? One….two…three….GOOOOO

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