Black Friday

Several years ago, as we nibbled on leftover turkey, one of my girlfriends (Hi Susan!) told me about something called Black Friday.   I was a bit leery of getting up at such an early time in the morning just to go shopping, but I’m game for just about anything. 

So we got up waaay before the  crack of dawn and headed out to find some deals.  I still marvel at how much fun we had that morning so long ago.  We were both very young and just starting our families so the amazing deals were very much appreciated.  What there was of the crowd was friendly and jovial.   Our fellow shoppers joked with us and pointed out deals that we had been unaware of.   When we were finally done with our shopping we stopped into a local diner for a leisurely breakfast.   We scurried home and hid away our loot just as our families were getting up for the day.

I’ve gone shopping on Black Friday a few times since, but none of them were nearly as fun nor as magical as it was that first time with my friend.  (Well, that time that KT and I went by ourselves was close).   Every year that passes, it has become less fun for me.  The deals are still there, but the crowds seem to be a bit more frenzied, desperate and rude. 

I think that it was the feeling of caring and comradery that was so appealing to me.  Now, when you hear stories of people sleeping in front of stores in order to be the first ones in, and trampling each other…well…it’s something I would just rather not be a part of.  Last night, we made the decision to forgo the madness that is called Black Friday.  The deals didn’t seem to outweigh the stress and hassle that this ritual has become. 

This morning, I allowed myself to sleep in as long as I wanted.  (which, sadly was only until seven.  I refuse to think of this as a sign that I’m getting older).  I got up and sat in my favorite chair sipping my coffee.  As I gazed out my window watching the squirrels dig up my bulbs accompanied by the sweet sound of birds singing, I thought to myself that this, perhaps is, is right up there as one of my best Black Fridays… 

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