Dang That NaBloPoMo!!!

I was already to finally climb into bed when I realized that I hadn’t posted for today.  I have sixteen minutes to write about…um…not getting enough sleep? Maybe not, I wouldn’t say that was very exciting.

Um…ok let’s play a game.  I’ll post a picture (I’ve been looking through my pictures as I’m supposed to go scrapbooking with a bunch of friends this weekend, yet I don’t seem too interesting in scrapping anymore!) and you tell me a story.


Look at those eyes…the tilt of her head and the slight jutting of her job.  Knowing Mimi, she could be thinking anything.  There’s certainly a story there.  What do you think it is? 

I can’t wait to read it!

(Hey! That only took me six minutes!  Back to bed….)

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16 Responses to Dang That NaBloPoMo!!!

  1. Grandy says:

    I’m new here…but your post title called to me.

    I can think of a caption to this pic, but don’t know if I’m anywhere near what the actual caption should be.

    “MOM! I can’t believe you won’t take me to the Mall!”

  2. Pam says:

    Mom, I do NOT look like Pippi Longstocking with my hair in braids like this!

  3. “Get that goddamn camera OUT of my face!”

    That’s what my teens would be saying anyway.

  4. “Great. You’re going to use me for blog fodder again. It’s getting so I can’t even show my face at school anyone. All my friends get to complain about their moms on Facebook because their parents are technophobes, but me? No, my mom has to be modern and have her own blog. Cut it out, will you?”

  5. Patsy says:

    Grandma, please oh please tell me what it was that you put on your face to get rid of all of these freckles. I won’t tell mom that you told me.

  6. Renate says:

    I know that look; I’ve seen it a thousand times. It says “WHATEVER”

  7. Beckie says:

    She looks mad, mad, mad to me. What did you do to her?

  8. sillydreamer says:

    “I am so over you sticking a camera in my face and snapping my picture. Did I ask to have my picture taken? No. Do I look like I even want my picture taken? No. How about I follow you around and snap a few of you and see how you like it.”

  9. Suzanne says:

    It’s a look of “I heard you the first time… and I will take care of it in a minute! Gosh… can’t you just ease up for ONE MINUTE!!!!” I use to be very guilty of that look when I was growing up… and it always ended up with me being grounded for my attitude. Oh, Lord, help me, I am so glad that I am over those days!

  10. Hilary says:

    “No I do NOT think that everything should be handed to me on a silver platter. YOU’re the one asking everyone to write your blog posts for you.”

  11. Betty says:

    I don’t know what she is saying, but I’ll bet it starts, “Motherrrrrrrr!”

  12. Linda says:

    “You think you know what I’m thinking, but you really have no idea!”

  13. Susan says:

    You guys are totally cracking me up!!! Thanks for playing!

  14. Peggy says:

    I can’t think of a caption, but she is really so beautiful!

  15. Pamela says:

    Pam’s minds must run the same theme. I thought of Pipi, too.

    Instead I’ll say:

    “Enough with the Raggedy Ann references already!”

  16. Cheryl says:

    I can’t believe how much she’s grown up since I’ve known you. Wow!

    And, I don’t think Emily’s teeth should be moving after braces and with a top and bottom retainer. That’s why I think the ortho offered to put the tops back on.

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