Somehow,  I managed to post everyday.  (Well, technically  there was one night when I clicked post then went downstairs to let the dogs out and came back to find that I had timed out and not posted and it was four minutes after so I posted it again and changed the time because I had written it and tried to post maybe that’s cheating, but I don’t think so I’m counting it.  Can you say that all in one breath?)

I’m glad I took on the challenge as it certainly got me jump started and ready to start blogging again.  Just in case you didn’t notice, I had pretty much stopped.

I won’t promise to blog everyday again.  Goodness know there were some days that I was really searching for something to write about…but I will promise to blog on a regular basis again.  Now, I’m going to bed.  Can you tell that I’m really tired?

P.S.  I’ve got a doozy of a story to tell you about a moody barista.   Hopefully I can remember it tomorrow!

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