The Joys of Parenting…

The other day Mimi was supposed to be doing her homework, but was having a hard time staying focused on it.  I was pretty sure that her sister KT was messing with her, but I couldn’t seem to catch her in the act.  (and of course, KT is very skilled at playing innocent)

After a couple half-hearted warnings, I knew it was time to get serious.  One of the fun perks to parenting is getting to make up fun consequences.  So I thought for a moment, and decided to get the girls where it hurt the most.  I told Mimi that if she didn’t settle down and get working hard at her studies that I would take away all of her kitchen privileges. 

My fledgling chef belligerently rolled her eyes and shrugged before  flipping a couple of pages in her textbook.  KT, on the other hand, began to wail, “NOOOOooooooooo….who will feeeeeeeeed me????” she cried out.

My oldest daughter is nearly always starving.  (whoever said it was only teenage boys that eat you out of house and home hasn’t met our KT!) Yet she hasn’t quite mastered the art of cooking anything more complicated than a pb&j sandwich.  She tends to rely heavily on her sister’s experiments in the kitchen. 

I didn’t even try to hide my grin as the girls were instantly working quietly at their studies.  It’s times like this when it’s really fun to be a parent…

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10 Responses to The Joys of Parenting…

  1. Patsy says:

    Mimi still owes me a full course dinner. She has been bragging all summer past about how great a cook she has become. I am looking forward to this wonderful meal. And so is her grandpa.
    I can just see this occurance taking place, kt at her desk and meg sitting at the table, with kt throwing something at her, and meg kicking her chair. I sure hope that you let meg feed her big sister!

  2. Hilary says:

    Sounds like a powerful tool. My older son used to experiment in the kitchen a lot. I sure do miss that. I’ll have to nudge him toward the stove when he comes home for Christmas. 😉

  3. Peggy says:

    Creative consequences! I like!

  4. Kathy says:

    Way to go, Mom!

  5. Amanda D says:

    Great story! You have got to hit them where it hurts.

  6. Jay says:

    Pretty devious plan there. Especially considering that, being an adult, you can always just go and buy your food. LOL

  7. Brilliant. You should be a diplomat with skills like those.

  8. Pamela says:

    teenagers that cook — is that a paradox or what?

  9. Susan says:

    Mom~You have to talk to her about that!

    Hilary~I’ll probably miss it to when the day comes. (I’m just not going to think about that ::sob::)

    Peggy and Kathy~Thanks!

    Amanda~That’s what I figure…and I like to save the phone for BIG things.

    Jay~Well…I *can* cook!

    Ruth~Hmmmm…I’d certainly have an interesting take on that job.

    Pamela~ I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I think you are right. Who needs normal kids anyways?

  10. As Dr. Phil says, you have to find their “currency.” It sounds like you’ve done just that.

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