For The Love of Geraniums

macro monday

Last week, I noticed that Lisa was hosting a new meme.  She called it Macro Monday.  I was delighted and asked to play.  She gave me special permission (Well, ok…it’s open to anyone, but can I please just indulge me and let me think that I’ve been given a special privilege) I may not be the best macro photographer, but there’s nothing I love more than getting up close and personal with a subject.

When I was growing up in San Diego, we had a hill that was covered in beautiful pink and red geraniums all year long.  I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I saw a pack of them being sold at Costco a few years ago.  I snapped them up without a second thought and placed them on my porch so that I could enjoy them every time I walked by.  Sadly, they didn’t seem to live very long.

This year, it somehow it occurred to me that maybe I should actually plant my newest batch of geraniums in the ground.  (I think that gardening class I taught in the spring managed to rub off on me!) To my amazement, those six geraniums are alive and thriving…in November!         

I had planned on using Macro Monday to show off my lovely posies to you, but it seems that it’s now pretty dark outside shortly after five pm now.  I’m going to have to ask you to use your vivid imagination while I pull some macros from my files.  Can you do that for me? Sure you can!


Of course you know that every rhododendron geranium bloom starts out as a tight little bud, hiding the beautiful petals inside.


Slowly the but starts to unfold offering us a glimpse of the splendor yet to come.


There is nothing more beautiful than a magnolia geranium in full bloom.


Of course, we all know that the day will come when the petals start to fall…


I’m hoping to avoid the day that my geraniums no longer bloom.  I think they should just grow all year long.

One can dream….


One last peek at my beauty…in the dark, no less…

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