Overtired and Under pressure

Trust me, if it weren’t for Nablopomo, I would not be posting today (that’s the pressure part)   My brain is tired from my wonderful weekend.  Although I’m not sure what it is about a fun and relaxing weekend away that tuckered me all out like this.  It might have something to do with too much playing and not enough sleeping!

So…um…go read yesterday’s post.  It’s much more interesting!

Oh…I’ve been working on updating my blog roll, but I’m confusing myself looking back and forth between this and my reader.  So, if you should be on my blogroll and aren’t, tell me (Don’t be shy!).  If you changed your name cough…Betty…cough,  or just don’t like what’s over there, let me know.  If you are there and don’t want to be let me know.  Um…if you have a good joke, let me know! 

That’s it. 😀

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