Party Animals…

I’ve never really been much of a party person.  The thought of making small talk with a bunch of strangers has never appealed to me.  When confronted with large groups of people and lot of noise, I tend to shut down and climb into my shell.   At parties,  I’m more inclined to spend the evening catching up with an acquaintance or sitting back like a Wall Flower and observing the festivities.  Both of which seem to be frowned upon when you are supposed to be mingling.   Yet…somehow, I found myself hosting a party last night.  The first party I’ve ever had.  (Kid’s birthday parties don’t count.  Kids are easy.)

Last month a small group of friends met for dinner at a local restaurant.  We had so much fun getting together and just catching up on life that we decided to make it a monthly thing.  We also agreed that this would be a great opportunity to expand our group creating what I think of as a Venn Diagram of friends.  (I don’t know if anyone else thinks of it in that but that’s how my brain works!) Each of us was to take a turn arranging something for us to do and we would all invite a friend that we felt would get along with everyone.

Somehow, it turned out that I would host a Bunco party for the month of November.  It didn’t matter that none of us really knew how to play…it was just an excuse to get together and have some fun. 

We had lots of fun.

We talked non-stop and rolled the dice as the  laughter (and the wine) flowed.  KT had been out with her boyfriend and stopped in to say “Hi”.  (The boyfriend, like a typical male, declined to stop in!)  She said that she could hear us laughing hysterically from down the street where she had to park.   I think that was her subtle way of telling us to tone it down a bit, but it only seemed to add to the merriment. 

All too soon, our game of Bunco were over.  Everyone was willing to go another round or two, except for one woman who said she had to get back home to her teenage kids.  (Apparently, she was under the impression that we were a serious Bunco group and seemed rather disgusted with us!) Nobody else was ready to go home so we all sat around chatting with each other for sometime.   It was nearly one o’clock in the morning before everyone was ready to go home.  (Shaun had previously agreed to play taxi driver if needed, nobody needed it though.  Too bad, it would have been interesting trying to get someone up in that oversized Jeep of his!) 

This morning was a bit…um…rough.   I found myself abruptly reminded of why I hardly ever drink more than the occasional glass of wine.  Yet, when Shaun asked me if we had fun last night (I don’t think he ever poked his head out of the dungeon…typical male) I couldn’t help but grin. 

It seems that maybe I might like parties after all.  I can’t wait until we all get together again…

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