Last spring, shortly before school was let out for summer, we received our invitation to watch KT in the National Honor Society.   Don’t get me wrong, we are as proud as can be of our girl, but we attend these ceremonies every year and they can get a bit…shall we say…tedious.


This ceremony was different.  It was our first at the high school and included seniors.  As each senior was called up on stage to receive their Honor Society certificate, the school they would be headed to in the fall was also announced.  UW,  Harvey Mudd, Western, Washington State…name after name was called and it finally hit me.  Our children are on the verge of leaving home for bigger adventures.


We’ve been seeing the signs for some time now.  They have gotten to the point where they would much rather hang out with their friends instead of their parents…or even each other. 


Which is why these pictures are so special to me.  They are not great photos artistically speaking.  They are simply snapshots.


Snapshots that captured a moment in time when our family was all hanging out together last August.


They bring me back to the time when our girls were tiny and best of friends.  They preferred to play with each other over anyone else.  It didn’t really matter what they did.  It could be anywhere from playing in the dirt, horsing around, playing with dollies or watching a video.


This of course was before they started developing separate interests and separate friends.  To be honest, there are times they can’t stand to be in the same room with each other.  Then there are the times that these sister just want to be together. 


I know that my baby girls are nearly grown and will soon be flying off to fulfill their dreams.  Once they do, I know that they will keep in close touch, just because that’s the kind of girls they are.  While they are off living their lives, Shaun and I will take a break from the fast-paced action at the Bingo Hall and gaze at our old snapshots.  We’ll remember these days and marvel at how much our girls have grown…

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