Ten Minutes of Extreme Random-ness

This morning after I dropped Mimi off at school (because she managed to miss the bus) I stopped at the grocery store to get things for Thanksgiving.  Just in case you were wondering, if you wait until two days before the holiday, your choices are somewhat limited. 

As I unloaded my cart, I laughed at myself as I wondered if I was getting ready to load an arch.  I had two turkeys (they were little and very frozen!) two boxes of stuffing, two pies, two things of vegan butter, two…well I think you get the picture. 

7:30 am is a very good time to do your last minute Thanksgiving shopping.

One of my little preschoolers came into class late today.  Her mother was in the midst of apologizing when the little girl looked at me and said indignantly said that “They got me with a shotgun!”  Her mother quickly explained that that her daughter had just been vaccinated.  I can’t help but giggle every time I think of that.

Last time we were at the doctors it was to get a mole frozen off of Mimi’s foot.  After Doctor Sally finished applying the liquid nitrogen, she dumped the entire cup out onto the floor.  We stared in fascination as the little globs of nitrogen bounced and skittered all over the floor until they were all evaporated. 

I’ve been trying to grow a wart just so I can see that again.

I want to know what your all time favorite cookie is.  The one that you love to eat, but don’t want to be bothered with making yourself.  Also, what kind of cinnamon roll do you prefer? Yeasty with cream cheese frosting? A light glaze? Sticky buns? Nuts? Raisins?  

Times up.

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