Thankfulness…in ten minutes or less

Right now I am thankful for….

A cat sitting on my lap

A husband that never stops talking. (sigh…)

Dumb kid movies

leftover turkey

leftover Cherries in the Snow (YUM)

having my parents here today

have I mentioned that my husband is a nonstop talker? (He’s wreaking havoc with my ten minutes)

my wonderful coffee maker

cork screws

good friends

journals…I like to hoard lots and lots of journals

sappy movies

yeast!    (I’ve been playing with baking bread..and rolls…and buns…and anything else I can think of .)

my Jeep!

my brand new convection oven that I finally, finally got!

I’m calling time.  The husband should be thankful that there are laws protecting him…

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6 Responses to Thankfulness…in ten minutes or less

  1. I might be a little bit like your husband. I might have laryngitis. My family might really be laughing at me today.

  2. Hilary says:

    Sounds like all is right in your world.. just not particularly quiet. 😉

  3. Susan says:

    Jenn~I can only DREAM that Shaun will someday have laryngitis!

    Hilary~It never seems to be quiet… lol

  4. Annie says:

    Hey girlie, Happy belated Turkey Day!! I’m finally getting off my bum and going private today, but can you send me your email again? I want to make sure I have it. xo.
    annmiller71 at comcast dot net.

  5. I wish I had leftover turkey. That’s the down side of eating at the SILs.

  6. Linda says:

    I’m glad you clarified the type of yeast you’re thankful for. LOL I too love to bake bread … and now that you’ve mentioned it I’m craving some!