The Benefits of Being a Dinosaur (in a technical world)

Shaun called me from work because he had something we needed to discuss.  It seemed that a bit of a problem had come up that required a HUGE small amount of cash.  We went back and forth with the pros and cons until finally I sighed and said that I would send a check. 

My husband apparently hadn’t processed what I had said right away because he kept right on talking (but then again, the man does tend to ramble on) until he abruptly interrupted himself saying “You will?”.   When I repeated that I would indeed, send the check he started talking again…only with a slight change of subject. 

He told me that he didn’t really understand how snail mail worked anymore as he did almost everything online.  He didn’t know where to find an envelope…or a stamp.  Was he supposed to write a note inside?  Where would he find a checkbook? Did we even have a checkbook anymore?  Then he started talking about how to address the envelope in the printer because he could barely write by hand anymore. 

I let him go on for a while, before asking him if he had even heard me say that I would take care of it.   He had, but he was so intrigued with the idea that there was something so basic that he no longer knew how to do.  Sometimes he just has to get these things out of his system.

Luckily, one of us is still stubbornly keeping one foot solidly planted in the stone age.   I know exactly where to find a stamp, an envelope, the checkbook (I even know how to fill it out!) and can easily find the address to send it to in my Roledex.  I could have this done in moments.

Of course, there is the small fact that even us dinosaurs have come to appreciate the technological side of today’s world.   I’ve already gone into my contacts, copied the address and sent the required funds off through our online banking account.  It might have taken me two minutes.

But please don’t tell Shaun that…I kinda like having him impressed with how well I make my way around in the Land of Dinosaurs….

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