The Numbers Game

This post is dedicated to my favorite aunt. 😀

I have this problem with numbers.  I can’t seem to remember them.  When a group of people get started rattling off old phone numbers (I still haven’t figured out why people do that.  Don’t they have more important things to keep in their brains?), I just look on in bafflement.  I can barely remember one phone number let alone every number I ever had. 

Don’t even get my started on the evils of social security numbers.  When I first went back to work after staying home with my girls for several years, I had to give my new employer my social security number.  I thought for a moment and then calmly recited it for her. 

A few weeks later, my new boss told me that the number came back as being in error.   I laughed self-consciously and gave her the correct number.  Only…that number didn’t work either…and neither did the next one.  (I’m still not sure if my boss was very patient or if she simply didn’t care). Finally, Shaun wrote my social security number down on a piece of paper and I sheepishly brought it in. 

Then there’s the problem with my age.  I used to laugh at my mom when she told me she couldn’t remember how old she was.  She said it changed every year and was too much work to keep track of.  Mom would tell me the year she was born and insist that I figure out her age for myself.  I thought she was nuts.  Birthdays are the most special and unique day there is, how could anyone possibly forget how old they were? 

Of course my merriment at my mother’s expense came well before I started to lose track of how old I was.   I’m not sure how it happened, but  it seemed that I had no idea how old I was. 

Shaun, being the sweet and devoted husband that he is, takes great pleasure in my confusion.  In face, just this evening we were discussing our age.  He had just gotten caught up on my blog and one of the posts had him reminiscing about how quickly time is passing. 

Him: Susie…can you believe that we are almost fifty???

Me: What are you talking about, I’m not even forty-five yet!

Him: Are you sure about that?

Me: Pretty sure.  As sure as I ever am.

Him: Well you are wrong, you are forty-five right now.  You’ll be forty-six in a couple of months.

Me: Really? Are you sure?  Huh….and I was so sure that I was only forty-four…

Suddenly I remembered that Mimi is fourteen and was almost thirty when I had her therefore I was still forty-four.   That bratty husband of mine tricked me! And then he laughed about it!  

My husband is years older than me and sooner or later his memory is going to go.  It may take me a while, but I’m going to get my revenge.  (And I’m very open to ideas as to exactly what that revenge should be!)

Hmmmm….I better go write myself a note so that I remember when the time comes…

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