Lessons in Ice Storms

Seattle is experiencing what is being called an “Arctic Blast”.  We’ve had snow and freezing temperatures for the last few days.  Granted, temperatures in the teens and low twenties might seem wimpy to many of you (and I’ve never denied being a Weather Wimp) but it’s pretty darn cold for us!  We are currently on another storm watch and expect to be dumped on with snow overnight.  (Although they are saying that may not happen after all, so who knows) 

I’ve had plans to use this week to get the rest of my shopping and errands done, but I abruptly changed them to cowering at home when our first snow came.  Of course, I had to whine about not being able to get anything done…

You’d think that my Beloved would volunteer to do all the running around for me, but that didn’t really work for him.  (I don’t know why, I would do it for him if the roles were reversed!)

Shaun did, however, call home on his way to work this morning and reported in that the roads were a smidgen icy, but otherwise fine.   He gently assured me that I would have no problems at all if I chose to  venture out.  (Of course, I haven’t forgotten that the last time he told me that, my van started sliding down our icy hill sideways and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.  Mimi is still traumatized enough to insist on walking to the bus stop instead of bumming a ride.)

I took a deep breath and managed to convince myself to venture out.  I have to admit that it was a piece of cake.  I actually learned a lot today. It turns out that a Jeep handles ice beautifully. (I’m still a little bummed out that I didn’t need to use my Four Wheel Drive.   Of course I used it for a little bit anyways!)

When I reached for my customary pop to drive with, I was mildly surprised to find that it wouldn’t come out of the can. It had never occurred to me that it wasn’t such a good idea to keep my carton of them in there at this time of year.  Oh, and it’s not such a great idea to accidentally forget a bunch of bananas in the car.  I guess I’ll be making some banana bread with my black beauties. 

I’ve learned that a pair of ugly work gloves that my dad lent me a couple weeks ago can be priceless when you are trying to hold onto an icicle disguised as a steering wheel.  Also, treasures are to be found when you dig you winter coat out of the bottom of the closet.  Treasures totaling to $40.78!

Temperature is relative.  I came outside of the grocery store and thought to myself that it had really warmed up considerably.  When I got in the car I noted that it had warmed up….all the way to thirty two degrees!

Speaking of the grocery store, I know from movies and books that when a storm is predicted, it’s expected to run and stock up on the basic necessities.  Only…they never say what those necessities are.  I’ve learned that I have a very strange idea on what we should be stocking up on. 

As I started hauled my loot in the house, the girls looked at me in astonishment.  As I pulled each item out of the they kept asking me why I bought it as it was so out of character for me.  I ended up with, among other things, two jugs of milk, two loafs of bread, three bags of chips (I never buy chips), some bagels and cream cheese, crackers, some frozen burritos and a bag of potatoes.  Um….yeah. 

As far as the rest of our winter storms go…I say bring it on, I know how to deal with it now!

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23 Responses to Lessons in Ice Storms

  1. Tylor says:

    maybe this will make you feel better: http://www.whotv.com/Global/category.asp?C=5534&nav=menu100_3

    Also, I once worked at a local gas station here and do you know what people stocked up on when the big storms came? Beer. I guess the logic is if a F5 tornado is bearing down on your house you don’t want to be thirsty.

  2. Apparently stocking up is all about the carbs, huh? Sounds right to me.

  3. Jay says:

    I’m ready for any winter storm too. I have lots of hot chocolate mix.

  4. Pamela says:

    it has warmed up to 20
    I’m thinking about going shopping, too

  5. Susan says:

    Tylor~I knew I forgot something! (and there’s not a chance I’ll be moving to Iowa!)

    Jenn~I guess so. Although Shaun came home with things like a big hunk of cheese, steak and such…so I guess we balance out.

    Jay~Hey, I’ll share my bread with you if you share the chocolate

    Pamela~We actually went back up to 40. Wahooo!

  6. tommie says:

    This post reminded me of when I left a case of diet DrPepper in my car when we lived in Fairbanks. It EXPLODED everywhere. The proceeded to freeze. It wasn’t until spring “breakup” when all the ice thaws that I finally got most of it off!

    Yeah for you for leaving the house and getting out of your comfort zone! I secretly love to “have” to put my 4WD in….LOL.

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. Kathy says:

    I like to think that your response to the winter weather (chips, bread, et cetera) is your primal need to forage for your family. I (and 3 million other Marylanders) would respond to a calling for ice or snow by running out and buying toilet paper, stuff to make rice pudding, and 3 lb. bags of M & M peanuts!

  8. Kell says:

    We bought a new-to-us Element with the idea that now I would feel safe to drive in the snow when Al takes the 4-wheel drive truck to work. So, we had our first snow, and I almost wimped out and canceled my appointments, but I got out there. I drove in the snow twice, or 4 times if you count there and back! I was just so proud of myself, there was no living with me.

  9. Linda says:

    It’s supposed to freeze here overnight. I don’t mind, as long as I can stay inside. I don’t even have a real winter coat. Sad, but true.

  10. Tylor says:

    Not even fair since you’re further north than I am.

  11. Carol says:

    So hey… was Shaun out driving his jeep around the neighborhood at about 7:30 this evening? Like up the STEEP hill, all proud-like once he (EASILY) reached the top?! Well, tell him Tom, Kat, Shasta and I are very impressed indeed and that we say “HI SHAUN! AWESOME JEEP!”


  12. Cazzie says:

    We are usually having our hot Summer by now but we have had rain, more rain in 3 days than in 3 years! And cold blastery wind. Weird huh!

  13. Becky says:

    We’re headed for an ice storm tonight and tomorrow, and that should be a blast. But we tend to get colder weather out here, so like you said, it’s relative. And now I have real fodder for my plea to get a Jeep! Thanks!

  14. lynne says:

    Good thing you didn’t move to NJ. We are expecting the white stuff tomorrow. I hope. Can’t wait.

  15. Susan says:

    I so remember what it was like when it snowed in Seattle. I came down our hill (in Bellevue) sideways and I was in 4WD. No snowplows and lot’s of accidents. And that run to the store…yep.

    The kids loved the snow days, though. They missed those when we came back to CA.

  16. Molly says:

    I like the festive look to your blog. It certainly fits with the winter weather. We have had a spot of bad weather in the midwest too.

  17. Patsy says:

    Here in the RV Park, the camp hosts just delivered a weather warning about the “Artic Blast” with winds expected here on Saturday of 70 – 90 mph. Telling us to get prepared, but neglected to say how. We are across from a heavy duty bathhouse/toilet. It is heated so I might move over there tomorrow when the wind comes howling down from the artic! Darn, I cleaned up the mess around here today, I should have waited, cause if this thing gets thrown around, all my work will be for nothing!!. Do you have that generator up and running yet, daughter!

  18. I really miss snowstorms (the part where you stay inside and cuddle with hot cocoa not the shoveling) 😉

  19. Nora Bee says:

    We stocked up today too–two dozen eggs, milk, chips (I also never buy chips), and salsa. And we have enough booze in the house or believe me I would have been pounding down that aisle too.

  20. i am feeling very grateful for our current temp of 66 F right now…:-)

  21. Jocelyn says:

    I think news reports get us too scared sometimes–I, too, get myself freaked out about driving in bad conditions…only to venture out and, generally, think, “Hell, this isn’t so bad!”

    I don’t even need bad weather to buy chips, though.

  22. Karina says:

    Yeah, we got some of that ice storm too, worst in New England in over 30 years, about 12 days ago, and some folks STILL don’t have power. CRAZY!

    Luckily I only went about 24 hours without power…that was definitely long enough for me. I’m so not a “roughing it” type. 😉

    Then this past weekend we got about 3 feet of snow. And now we have the FRIGID temps. Honestly? I’m ready for spring. BRING IT.


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