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I love birthday parties.  Every year since the girls were tiny I’ve delighted in planning wonderful theme parties.  (Yes, I was one of those moms) The girls and I would chose a theme and off I would go creating the perfect theme party.  Everything worked together from the hand-crafted invitations, the snack, the party favors and the lovingly created masterpiece cake.  

As the girls were born only two days (and two years) apart, we’ve always celebrated the birthdays as one big party.  When they became old enough to want their own parties, with their own friends, I grudgingly agreed to let them each have their own party.  Of course, I was secretly overjoyed…one more fun party to plan! 

This year, both of the girls said that they didn’t want to celebrate their birthdays.  Although my involvement has been toned down considerably in the last few years, (whew!) I was still sad that they both felt they were getting old enough to not bother with celebrating with friends. 

Then yesterday, KT asked me if she could go to the movies with some of her friends as a birthday celebration.  I agreed and she promptly sent out a text telling nearly all her friends that she would love for them to meet her there.  Within moments she started getting replies and her party was all set.

Later on that same afternoon, Mimi planned her entire party get-together by text while she was doing her physical therapy.  Once again, within minutes she knew exactly what they were doing and who would be able to attend.

I just sat back and marveled both at how grown up my teens have become and at how amazing technology has become.  All I have to do is transport the younger crowd and then supply a pizza, some cake and breakfast.  How easy could that be?

As much as I loved planning all those parties through out the years, I’m pleased to hand over the reins.  It a good thing to be needed by your children, but it’s even better to watch two young women learn to take care of themselves.

So…anyone got a birthday coming up that I can plan for them????

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19 Responses to Party Planners

  1. I was just like you with the parties. We were known for our signature, hand-drawn, pin-the-tail games–pin the hat on the firefighter, pin the tiara on the princess–you get the picture.

    It was great while it lasted, but I’m okay with it being over–maybe I’ll be in the mood again once I have grandkids.

  2. Kathy says:

    It gets even better. Imagine how we feel when we see our children as wonderful parents!

  3. Jay says:

    You can plan my next birthday party if you want. 😉

  4. Becky says:

    Uh, hmmm. Alex’s in March? I could use some help!

  5. Not for ten months . . . and it’s an off year so I probably won’t be having a party. But i’m sure you’d plan a great one.

  6. Ann says:

    awwww. Gotta love the texting world. um, I have a soon to be 2-year old. Could you pull off a Handy Manny party????? I’d pay big money. 8)

  7. Susan says:

    Suzy, I can remember the year the girls had their Cinderalla party with a castle cake, party bags made by you, and the thing I am still impressed with . . . the pumpkin coach punch bowl (?). I sure you remember what I am talking about. How about Ben’s big second birthday with the whole roasted pig? Sadly, my days of party planning are over as well. I am trying to talk Ben into a sweet sixteen party but he is having none of it! Susan

  8. Hilary says:

    I was the same.. I have countless photos of home made theme cakes, invites and banners. It irked me to buy any of those things. In some ways I miss it.. but not really. Happy birthday to your girls.

  9. Wendy says:

    I’m so glad to read that I wasn’t only theme crazy birthday planner. My best was a “Pirate Party” when my youngest turned 7, I think. It was spectacular. I never stopped giving them until the kids were out of high school. My daughter’s 18th birthday was a big sleepover in the backyard, and I rented one of those big jumping things for all the kids. Even at 18 they still loved it. I think they all slept in it with their sleeping bags, as a matter of fact. I’m pretty sure that was illegal for insurance purposes, so don’t tell anyone!

  10. Patsy Ann says:

    Hey, you could plan a big birthday party for Penny and Shella, you could invite all of the neighbor doggies, and maybe a few cat friends also. Ha Ha love ya

  11. sillydreamer says:

    LOL….what did these kids do before cell phones???

  12. Nora Bee says:

    I might have an opening for a 3 year old boy party next year…firemen?

  13. Linda says:

    Darn, I’m a day late … you could have planned a killer margarita party for me yesterday!

    How about some good ideas for Emma, who will be 4 in April? She loves everything pink!

  14. snpnmnmi says:

    Me! Me! Come plan a *surprise* party for me! I’ll be (ahem and dum-da-da-dum….) 38 on December 20th! Just contact me for my address, my favorite colors and all my bestest friends…
    Whoot for independent girls… but I do NOT like the texting thing… it’s too pervasive. But try to explain that to my 13 year old twin son (just THINK about those toddler parties!) and you get some little speech about how everybody has one and it would help so much…. blah, blah, blah.
    But back to the subject… I remember two parties… one was a Blue’s Clues where the children all made foam picture frames (fun) and another with a zoo cake that had kit kat bars around the cages. Ahhhh… the memories. Sadly, my little M has had fun parties, but not one where I created the magic. Of course, I still think I’m cornering the market on magical person for her, so, no biggy!
    The twins b-day: May 24… M’s: May 26… 10 years later. Of course we do a LOT of partying!
    Tammy :):):)

  15. Lisa says:

    I had a birthday a week ago, so I don’t need your services this year. I’ll keep you in mind for next year. Just be thinking MARGARITAS, k? Take that word and go with it… I’m sure I’ll love it. 😉

    It really is a wonderful feeling and sad all at the same time, to watch your kids grow to be the self-sufficient beings that they are. At that moment it’s nice to know you must have done something right.

  16. Susan says:

    You guys totally crack me up! Especially all the grown-ups wanting parties!!! If anyone is serious, I’m game!!!

  17. Hah, get togethers really are so much easier when you can just text! Still, those “old-fashioned” birthday parties are great memories for your girls 🙂

  18. Kell says:

    No birthday parties planned, but Al and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary next May. Any ideas?

  19. lynne says:

    Hey, it’s snowing over here on your blog and your are all Christmas-ed out! I am sort of bah humbug this year over the whole holiday season. Maybe you could put together a Christmas party for me?

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