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I love birthday parties.  Every year since the girls were tiny I’ve delighted in planning wonderful theme parties.  (Yes, I was one of those moms) The girls and I would chose a theme and off I would go creating the perfect theme party.  Everything worked together from the hand-crafted invitations, the snack, the party favors and the lovingly created masterpiece cake.  

As the girls were born only two days (and two years) apart, we’ve always celebrated the birthdays as one big party.  When they became old enough to want their own parties, with their own friends, I grudgingly agreed to let them each have their own party.  Of course, I was secretly overjoyed…one more fun party to plan! 

This year, both of the girls said that they didn’t want to celebrate their birthdays.  Although my involvement has been toned down considerably in the last few years, (whew!) I was still sad that they both felt they were getting old enough to not bother with celebrating with friends. 

Then yesterday, KT asked me if she could go to the movies with some of her friends as a birthday celebration.  I agreed and she promptly sent out a text telling nearly all her friends that she would love for them to meet her there.  Within moments she started getting replies and her party was all set.

Later on that same afternoon, Mimi planned her entire party get-together by text while she was doing her physical therapy.  Once again, within minutes she knew exactly what they were doing and who would be able to attend.

I just sat back and marveled both at how grown up my teens have become and at how amazing technology has become.  All I have to do is transport the younger crowd and then supply a pizza, some cake and breakfast.  How easy could that be?

As much as I loved planning all those parties through out the years, I’m pleased to hand over the reins.  It a good thing to be needed by your children, but it’s even better to watch two young women learn to take care of themselves.

So…anyone got a birthday coming up that I can plan for them????

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