Watching The Pot

I realize I should be reporting in on our winter adventures. (Apparently we’ve hit the big news as one of my uncles called Dad to give him instructions on how to deal with all this snow!) I’ve been busy though. 


I’ve had to keep track of the storms.   I think it all started when Shaun kept noting that I was haunting the weather stations and blogs.  He asked if I thought tracking the weather was like the old saying of “a watched pot never boils”.   It made perfect sense to me. 


Last night there were predictions of a huge windstorm…possibly worse than the one we had two years ago.  (You can see some pictures of the aftermath HERE)  With Shaun’s words ringing in my ears, I knew that it was up to me to keep a vigil in order to keep that wind far, far away from us. 


So in-between running around getting things gathered up and ready in the event of another week long power outage, I kept up with everything weather related.  (I could only guessed at what the satellite images meant.)

In the end, and with only a little help from Carol the dreaded wind storm didn’t come.  We did get snow though.  Lots and lots of snow.  In fact, it’s still snowing.


This is just from last night.  (and my volunteer assistant wasn’t sure she had  the tape measure all the way down to the wood)  I’m ready for it to rain again. 

I guess I should’ve watched that pot just a bit longer…

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