Midnight Crisis

This morning as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee drew me into the kitchen, I stumbled over a big pile of  sodden bathroom towels on the floor.   I stared at them with bleary eyes as I tried to figure out how on earth they had come to be there.  After a moment (and a couple gulps of my caffeine-rich brew) I remembered.

I had been asleep for an hour or so when I woke up to the sound of Shaun’s shouting.  I had no idea what he was so upset about, but the panic in his voice had me awake and flying towards the kitchen instantly.  As Shaun ran around collecting towels, I gawked in confusion at the huge puddle of water in the middle of the kitchen floor.   Shaun scurried around checking to make sure no pipes had burst.  I started sopping up the water as he ran downstairs to see if the water had leaked through the floor. (I’m rather impressed by how much scurrying he did while my brain wasn’t functioning yet)  He was still trying to determine where all that water had come from, when it suddenly dawned on me.  It was all my fault.  (I hate it when that happens)

I’ve gotten into the habit starting the dishwasher right before going to bed.  (After all, it’s so  comforting to listen to the gentle sound of someone else (even if it is a machine) washing all those dishes for you) So I did a quick walk-through and put the last of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  Then I realized that we were out of detergent.  I briefly considered waiting until I bought some more then impulsively grabbed my bottle of  dishwashing soap (As opposed to detergent.  Trust me, there is a difference) 

I had vaguely remembered an incident from a couple years ago, so I only put a little bit of soap in the dispenser thinking it would be fine.  Then I went to bed, only to be awoken a few hours later.


I really should learn not to be so impulsive. One little moment has earned me the ire of my husband, an extra load of laundry to do, and a dishwasher full of dishes that aren’t very clean. 

At least the floor has been mopped….

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