Never Doubt The Groundhog

Exactly a week ago, Punxsutawney Phil poked his head out of his burrow and was frightened by his own shadow, thus predicting six more weeks of winter.   We smiled at the news, wished everyone a “Happy Groundhog Day” and went about our business not thinking anymore of it.  After all,  Groundhog Day is just one of those silly traditions that we learn about in grade school.

It seemed as though Phil was mistaken this year.  Yesterday was such a glorious day that KT decided that it must be spring.  She happily dug out the capris she had stowed away last fall and tried her best to convince me to help her plant the garden.  She pointed that it was fifty degrees out and that our bulbs were already sending shoots out of the ground. 

I managed to distract her by taking her shopping for a jacket she needed for her FBLA conference this week.   I was ready to go just as soon as we found the conservative attire that KT needed.  She, on the other hand, wanted to try on a few more things.  Namely a lovely yellow spring jacket that she had fallen in love with. 


Somehow she managed to convince me to buy it for her (Yes, I know it’s a lame picture, but it’s the only one I have.  I was just playing around while waiting for her.  I hate shopping….)  and KT was just floating on air.  I couldn’t help but grin at her joy over this lovely new spring coat. 

This morning I woke up to KT’s wails of dismay.  She announced that it had snowed last night and that there was still school.  I was still more than half asleep and couldn’t quite understand why she was so upset about the snow. 

It took about half a cup of coffee for it to finally dawn on me that it wasn’t going to be another warm spring-like day.  It simply wouldn’t do to wear a thin jacket out on such a blustery day. 


Poor KT.  Although it wasn’t as though she wasn’t warned.  Despite the wonderful week we just had, Phil did tell us that Spring wouldn’t be here for six more weeks…

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