The Valentine Baby

When I was a little girl, I simply knew that I was just a little more special than other people.  This was because I was born on Valentine’s Day.  Everyone would gush about how special that was and what a sweet, special girl that I was as a result of this.  The entire world celebrated my day with hearts, flowers, chocolate all in various shades of pink.  Truly a little girl’s dream come true.  I was the Valentine Baby.

When I was in grade school, one of my best friends decided to throw a Valentine’s Day Party.  I just knew deep in my heart that it was a front for a surprise birthday party for me.  It nearly broke my heart when the sad realization that it was simply a Valentine Party dawned on me.  My friend didn’t even remember that it was my birthday. 


This was the first in a long line of what I viewed as birthday betrayals. As I grew older, Valentine’s Day was no longer about pretty pink hearts, but more about romance and love.  If I didn’t have a  boyfriend in mid-February, (which, for some reason, I usually didn’t) I was screwed.   My friends would do something with me the day before, or the day after, but mostly they just wanted to talk about their special someone.  


For a long time I was really resentful (and dare I say a bit bitter?) that I was missing out on what society tells us should be two very special days. I grew to hate the day…at least until I found my very own special guy. 

Poor Shaun suddenly had so much pressure put on him.  I expected him to fulfill all my romantic yearnings.  Lucky for us both, he has a romantic soul and does a wonderful job at making my heart go pitter patter. 


When our girls came along, it finally occurred to me how selfish I had become.  I realized that all the card companies want us to believe that Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your romantic love.  Yet, with that attitude, there are so many people left feeling like total losers in life.

There are so many types of love…and romance is only a miniscule part of that.    I’ve come to realize that the love we need to  be showing should be for everyone.  From our partners, to our parents, our children, our friends and even that really nice lady that always waves to us and makes us smile even though we have no idea who she is.


I don’t know if this realization is a wisdom that comes with age or if it’s knowing that I am loved and cared for by so many.  Either way, letting go of the resentment that I carried for so many years while I was younger let me once again that I am indeed special. 

Images are all from what I sent in the girls’ lunches today 🙂

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