Bonding Over IM

Last night KT and I were sitting companionably together in the front room.  She was sitting at the computer finishing up her homework while I was in the armchair near her playing working on my laptop.   It was getting late and I gently suggested that she should think about heading to bed.  She merely glared at me.  A moment later, I noticed that I had an Instant Message.  It was from KT and petulantly said


Of course, it was quickly followed by


I assume it was an apology for being so rude.  (yeah, right) So I sent back a

image image

She sent me a couple more hearts and a smiley face.  I told her that she was just a one trick pony.  In reply she told me

image (Honestly, it’s so much harder than it looks to write in paint mode!)

Then the battle was on.  She sent

imageimage image


I sent important things like

image image


Then KT pulled out her secret weapon…a sister that loves to draw.  KT gave us both a subject and we were off. 

image image

At first Mimi was a copy cat and made everything the same way that I did.

image image

Then I started to copy her.  Can you guess who had which side?

image image

Until we we decided to post at the same time.

 image image

It got interesting…

image image

Are you bored yet? This is about the time Shaun came upstairs to see what all the cackling was about.  We were having such fun trying to see who could come up with the best (or perhaps goofiest!) work of um…art.

image image

Poor Shaun really, really wanted a turn

image image

But we wouldn’t let him have one.  Until finally we agreed to let him draw a can.


It wasn’t nearly as interesting as our work of art.  Hmmm….we drew it in white and it won’t show up.   Oh well, it was late, we were tired and it was a different type of can anyways….

Who knew we could all have such fun and bond over IM while sitting in the same room?  

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8 Responses to Bonding Over IM

  1. Even Shaun is better than I am. These are seriously cute.

  2. Kathy Ariano says:

    Absolutely priceless!

  3. Jay says:

    Those are all very impressive. I’m terrible at using Paint. I need to practice. I’ll get around to that soon. Yeah, right.

  4. Peggy says:

    George and I sometimes have IM conversations in the office when we are on different computers in the same room – it usually starts when one of us hears the sound of an incoming message . . . We don’t do the drawings though – too cute!

  5. Hilary says:

    That really is cute. Fun stuff. 🙂

  6. Pamela says:

    ha ha ha ha…
    We did that at the office when we got bored.
    .. I wish I’d saved them. Yours are tooo fun.

  7. photowannabe says:

    Total fun. I can just hear you two chuckling.

  8. r77aim says:

    ha ha it sound like much fun 🙂

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