By The Light Of The Moon

Last night, I had finally settled myself down in front of the TV to watch my yearly television series when the phone rang.  Normally, I would simply ignore it (that what voice mail is for!) but when one of my children is out and about, I will always answer it…especially at that late hour. 

Of course it was KT.  “Mama?” she said in her sweetest possible voice, “could you please do me a really, really big favor?”  She then proceeded to ask me to check the calendar in her room to see if it was a full moon.  She told me that it looked so big and bright that she was almost positive it had to be full.  KT has been waiting to see a full moon since November  (I have no idea why…sometimes it’s just best not to ask these things) but Seattle winters have such a heavy cloud cover that she hasn’t been able to see it.

So I paused my show, dislodged the cat on my lap, stepped over the dogs at my feet and set aside my drink.  I made my upstairs and through the landmine she calls her bedroom to peer at one of the six calendars on her wall.   Then I had to go back downstairs to the phone (our wireless ones seem to be messed up right now) to let her know that it was, indeed a full moon. 

She squealed with delight that she was finally able to see her full moon.  Then she invited me outside to see it with her.   (Outside? She was right outside while I was doing her grunt work?)  I told her that I’d have to miss it as it was cold outside and I was already in my PJs.  KT was so disappointed not to share her full moon with me that I grabbed my jacket, slipped on a pair of shoe and stepped outside. 

The sky was so crisp and clear and the moon…well it was simply stunning.  Together we watched it through the trees and marveled at the secrets it must hold.  KT rummaged through her purse and pulled out her camera to immortalize the moon’s beauty.  The image was impossible to capture on her little point and shoot.

As I settled myself back in front of the TV a short time later, I realized that I was glad for the interruption.  No show can ever make me feel as wonderful as talking with my girl by the light of the moon.

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14 Responses to By The Light Of The Moon

  1. Hilary says:

    Aww that’s just beautiful. A mental snapshot of a perfect moment. Lovely!

    I had to blog it, because it’s a memory I don’t want to forget…

  2. Peace says:

    Ahh, I was under that same moon last night, it was a beauty. I guess I take for granted the clear skies of Vegas and the many full moons I have seen. You just can’t make quality time with kids. It happens all on its own.

    I know I always took clear skies for granted before we moved here.

  3. It’s those times when we make the effort that turn out to be so special.

    I have no idea if it was special to her, but it certainly was to me.

  4. Peggy says:

    I’m so glad that KT got you off the sofa to go an look at the moon with her. It is a lovely story!

  5. That’s lovely. I bet she’ll remember this a long time.

    Now you two should watch the old Cher movie Moonstruck together. I’ll never forgot Nicholas Cage muttering in his best New York hood voice, “It looks just like a giant snowball.”

  6. Kathy Ariano says:

    Those moments with our kids — esp our teens are priceless, aren’t they? Hold on to them.

  7. Tink says:

    Aw. Such a good Momma. I’ve always thought full moons were rather magical.

  8. amanda d says:

    I absolutely love this. It sounds like the perfect interuption. 🙂

  9. Becky says:

    Aw! Such a sweet post!

  10. Lisa's Chaos says:

    I am hoping the two of you enjoyed a little dance under the wonderful sky. 🙂 Somehow, dancing outside under the light of the moon is so invigorating. 🙂

  11. tommie says:

    That moon was gorgeous last night. I peeked out and the clouds were streaming across it.

  12. Pamela says:

    oooooh… you should have just gone to spaceweather. com and you wouldn’t have had to lose your lap cat. (or was your computer in the bedroom, too?)

  13. Jocelyn says:

    What a lovely and complete post.

    But I can’t believe she called you from outside.

  14. photowannabe says:

    When I finished reading this I just gave a sigh. Your time with daughter is pure serindipity. Treasure it.

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