Magically Delicious…

“Mom, is this cereal for me or for your kids?” Mimi asked as she came to me this morning toting a box of cereal along with her.  Naturally, I denied knowing anything about where that box of cereal came from and reminded that I never buy sugar cereal.  I suggested that it may have been Paddy O’Furniture, The Magical Leprechaun.

“So, it’s for me?”

“I’m guessing you were meant to share it with your sister”, I replied.

“But it’s not vegan!” Mimi shouted out and immediately started jumping up and down, telling me how excited she was to have that box of cereal. As she gathered a bowl, a spoon and the milk, she told me that she’s always so jealous of the kids that get to eat sugar cereals all year long.

I just told her that it must be her Lucky Day!

Happy St Patrick’s Day Everyone!

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