Reality Check

When our girls were tiny, Shaun and I both worked full time jobs and had to find someone else to watch our girls.  For the first couple of years, my dad (to my complete shock) had offered to take care of KT for us. They had a wonderful time together, but when Mimi came along, Dad decided that it was a bit too of a handful and that we should find someone else to care for our girls.  Fortunately we happened to find a wonderful home-based daycare close to our home. Our girls were well cared for, but we still hated having to leave them with someone outside of our family.

As soon as we became financially stable we made the decision to raise our children ourselves.  One of us would quit our job and become a stay-at-home-parent. I was the logical choice because at the time, Shaun made a little more money and well…we are a bit traditional in a few ways.

For nearly their entire existence I have been a constant in our girls’ lives.  I have been active in their classrooms (doing my best to avoid all the school politics!) led Girl Scout troops, helped with homework, went to every game…well…anything involving the girls, I have always been there for them.  

As I was needed less and less in the classroom, I started searching for other things to do during the school day.  Somehow I ended up with a part time job that still allowed me to be home when the girls walked in the door.  This is something that we still consider important despite the fact that our girls can easily take care of themselves. 

A couple weeks ago, my boss asked me if I would consider teaching a short session for two weeks of the summer.  I told her I would consider it as I wasn’t really sure of our summer plans yet.  Then last week, I was asked it I would be willing to design and implement an additional  six week program.  It was tempting, but as I explained to my boss, I only have a couple summers left of my girls living at home.  I told her that I would really have to think about this one.

Later that evening, when I talked to Shaun about this opportunity, he started to look at me funny.  Finally, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and burst out “You want our girls to be latch-key kids????”

“Good point” I said, “Although I’m pretty sure that they might be a little too old to count as a latch-key kid.”

I think I kept a straight face….

UPDATE:Reading the comments, I’ve come to realized that  my writing skills have fallen off as I didn’t seem to make my point!  (That’s what happens when one takes an extended blog break!) I’m not at all worried about the girls.  They are more than  capable of caring for themselves at this point in their lives.  Mostly, I was  just laughing at Shaun for not realizing that our teenagers  are nearly grown and that they could possibly be counted as latch key kids!

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