Ten Minutes of Random Thoughts

Last week,  I was delighted to leave work to find it warm and sunny.  It was soooo tempted to take the top off of my Jeep.   I had second thoughts when my temperature gauge informed me that it was 59 degrees.  I settled for opening all my windows…for a couple minutes at least.

Yesterday it started snowing again.  The girls were over an hour late getting home.  The schools are only about ten minutes away.  KT’s bus driver stopped to put chains on as she was worried about driving up and down the hills.  A few minutes later she stopped to take them off when she saw that no other busses had them on.

For the first time ever Mimi was hoping desperately that there would be school.    The orchestra was going “on tour” to the elementary schools and then setting the Jr High kids loose downtown for lunch and amusement.  (Poor downtown!)

When I suggested that Mimi wear her coat she scoffed at me.  She didn’t want to carry it around, so she wore a lightweight hoodie.  Even after we discovered that it was 23 degrees.  I told her she wasn’t allowed to complain.  At the bus stop, I noticed that every single kid there was wearing a hoodie.  None of them are allowed to complain.

When I lived in San Diego we would start to break out the heavy winter gear when it neared 60.  The Puerto Rican guy on AI was complaining that he was freezing in Los Angeles.  I guess it’s all relative…

I think I’m becoming a bit of a weather junkie.   I’m constantly looking at the forecast and am starting to understand those complex graphs.  I find it very odd that I’m at all interested in this.

Times up! Have a warm day!

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